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EasyVFR 4 offers a modern flight planning and navigation experience in a convenient, ultrafast app.
Available for: apple 128 android 6 128 mac client 128 windows client 128

Keep your avionics up to date

Our reliable aeronautical data is also available separately as an update for your avionics. Find out if we support your EFIS!

ipadpro smartmap

Easy to read SmartMap

Our new Vector Map is not only beautiful, it also has brains! Only see the information that really matters, based on the time that you fly.

ipadpro compatible

Connect with the outside world

EasyVFR plays nicely with many portable GPS, TCAS, FLARM and ADS-B systems. No complex setup procedures are involved – EasyVFR does that for you. Get realtime traffic and weather information at your fingertips.

ipadpro planb

Flightplanning on the go

With the modern and vibrant interface of EasyVFR 4, making and adjusting a flight plan has become easier than ever!
Tiresome tasks like flightplan filing, performance calculations and mass & balance are all done automatically and accurately.

Weather on map and VPV narrow

Weather to Fly

EasyVFR offers easy access to all kinds of reliable information you need, offering you unprecedented awareness of current and predicted weather around the world. 

ipadpro charts

Georeferenced Charts & Plates

With the approach plates displayed on the moving map, you feel at home at every airport around the world!

Select your preferred language

We speak Your language

EayVFR 4 is available with many languages preinstalled.
Find out if your language is included!

Pricing & Plans

Find out which plan is the best match for your mission!