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[Solved] Aircraft profile units not changed when loaded

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I had created an aircraft profile at a device using <usg> as fuel quantity unit. Using the profile at another device where I had set <ltrs> as system setting still displays the <usg> in the Power Settings dialogue.

Fuel quantity unit ltrs in system settings
Fuel consumption unit usg in aircraft profile
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Hi Ernst,

Great question and it addresses an UI that needs a better (visual) explanation.

The short answer is: You can change any unit within an aircraft profile by tapping the light-blue colored unit abbreviation.
The same works for any light-blue colored number or text. For example the wind direction/speed and leg hight on the route planning window. See this screen video I made for you:


The whole systematic for units is as follows.

  1. After installation, you choose an aircraft type. This results in a default unit setting for the system.
    >> This setting does control the units shown on the following locations:
    -- InfoFields during FlightMode,
    -- Route Planning window,
    -- Trip Kit.
    >> This setting does not control the units of an active, new or loaded aircraft profile.
  2. You can then change your devices units via EasyVFR 4 Menu -> System -> Units
    >> And again, this setting change controls anything except the aircraft profile.
  3. If you create a new aircraft profile it will use default units (not the same as you have set via step 2.). As shown in the video, you can now change the aircraft specific units according to the unit used in the specific aircraft you are creating a profile for, by tapping the light-blue colored unit name. Just like you can select for example the fuel type or aircraft class.
  4. Once you save the aircraft profile it will be uploaded to the cloud. You can now load on another device with your account installed the saved aircraft profile. It will use the units as selected during the creation process.


I hope this makes it more clear and also helps others as well. And please let me know if you have any further question on this topic.



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