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Suggestion Filter option for airports (fuel, runway length, etc.)

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Hi guys,

It would be a very nice and handy feature if you could filter airports on type of fuel available, runway length etc.
This came in mind, as I am searching for airfield with a MOGAS 98 availability.

Now, I am clicking every possible en-route airport to see it they offer it yes or no.
Filter airports on specified options would be handy.


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Good point! We started harvesting more detailed fuel data a while ago, and according to Marcel entire europe is now up to date, so we can add it to our map rendering. The suitable/unsuitable filter as setup using Aircraft Profiles (based on airfield type and runway length) what is currently only used to determine if a tap on the map pops up the infowheel or directly airport info should not take this into account I think; its still perfectly ok to land on an airfield with a long enough runway even if they don't have the required fuel. I think we should simply use fuel icons on the map to show what fuel is available at the represented airfield. Let me play a bit, standby....



Mike van der Straaten 4 September 2022 13:12

From time to time I'm using PocketFMS version 2.0.8. In this version we had already the airfield filter option. Now we are getting more and more icons representing airfields not selected in the aircraft settings. Can we get the feature back again.


Hi Christian,

Not precisely what you requested, but as a step in the right direction, we now have added available fuel types to the moving map. See the latest beta update:


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Sweet! Great work EV crew! Thanks a lot.


good improvement, but be carefully with the information! 

Last week I've been in LIPF Ferrara, there is AVGAS available but only for local members! This was also explained in the AIP.

who is to inform about this?


thx Knud

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