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Suggestion Use aircraft settings (preferred airfield types, runway lengths, fuel) to filter unsuitable airfields on the map .

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Should unsuitable airfields be dimmed only, or removed entirely from the map? I think dimmed only has preference, it is then still possible to be warned of traffic arround such unsuitable airfield.


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I'd go with dimmed only too. Perhaps by making them white and more transparent?


Dimmed would be great


definitely dimmed / greyed out.

also, i would like to be able to filter out e.g. hospital heliports, mountain airfields, water aerodromes, possibly ULM fields etc... even further than unsuitable (length, grass vs asphalt) airfields. another topic is military/closed to the public airports that however fit the requirements (asphalt, long runway)

this filtering needs at least 3-4 priority and graphics levels. another option is to e.g. only show the symbol but not the label for one category but the symbol and the label for another at the same zoomlevel.


Agree with dimming. Especially agree with Berhard's suggestion to filter out completely unusable surfaces .... e.g. heliports, water aerodromes for land aeroplanes.


Dimming would be nice.

deleting heliports would very nice especially for Tirol as there are so many. This was done for the Efis database and works very good.


The question is specifically about map display, but should be extended to searching which would reduce the amount of data to process and increase speed.


Also agree with Christian Meier!

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