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European VFR chart for Dynon SkyView

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Proudly we announce our own rendered EasyVFR 4 designed chart for Dynon SkyView. This new chart has a similar data resolution as the 1:500.000, V500, Zoom ICAO charts published by several national suppliers. The biggest advantage with the EasyVFR 4 chart is that it is updated throughout the year, and therefore more up to date, where other charts are only issued once or twice per year. And there is more. Several extra data layers can be added to complement the Dynon SkyView database.

  • A georeferenced chart that covers all European countries at once.
  • Frequently updated throughout the year.
  • Runs on all Dynon SkyView.
  • Compliments the Dynon database with FIS frequencies, and SQK codes.
  • More information types to be added when there is a user demand.

By design, any chart loaded into Dynon SkyView is not tappable. For the best experience use this chart in combination with our AeroDatasets datasets for SkyView. Included with our Frequent Flyer Membership and our Dynon Dataset only subscriptions.

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Download from website to EFIS USB stick, Export from EasyVFR 4 to EFIS USB stick


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Dynon Dataset Only, Frequent Flyer Membership

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