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Experimental and LSA pilots know that they have some of the most technologically advanced GA aircraft flying.
MGL Avionics honor that tradition with the next generation of glass panels, offering leading edge technology, incredibly bright screens, and design flexibility.

You can now use the proven and reliable EasyVFR Aeronautical Information (‘AeroData’) to update your MGL Voyager, Odyssey or iEFIS all year long, whenever and as often as you like! The AeroData contains airports (including many unlisted in official publications, such as ULM / MLA airports), runways, frequencies, NavAids, Obstacles, IFR waypoints, VFR Reporting Points and airspaces. Regions covered in a Dataset include the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

If you have two MGL panels installed in one aircraft you only need one licence.

Want to see our Dataset on a MGL EFIS first?

Can do! On the MGL Avionics website you can download free simulator software for your EFIS. It will mimic your EFIS in detail. Then you can click here to download our Dataset for the simulator – this Dataset will NOT work on an actual EFIS device and it may be very outdated. Don’t consider it a measure or sample of the data quality you can expect with us, but as a means to familiarize yourself.

Logo MGLRequirements
HardwareVoyager, Odyssey and iEFIS panels
SoftwareThe latest available firmware


Our Dataset brings the world to your MGL EFIS – Order Now

MGL AeroData updates are included with EasyVFR FFM membership. Not only do you get the EasyVFR AeroData with regular updates, but also full access to the EasyVFR app.

With EasyVFR, you can plan your flights where- and whenever you like. It also is a very capable inflight navigation tool. 

There also is a dataset-only subscription available.

Can’t wait? Order your license down below and you receive your files within minutes.

About EasyVFR AeroData

The Aeronautical Information (AeroData) is produced by the EasyVFR team. It contains the airspaces, airports, runways, frequencies, obstacles, waypoints and more matters of concern to all VFR pilots. The AeroData is professionally maintained by our team of Airmarshals. Since these Airmarshals are globally dispersed, AeroData maintenance is a 24/7 ongoing process. This also allows us to make rapid repairs if an error is reported. You can find more information on AeroData here.

MGL Dataset-Only Subscription

Just the data.
  • You’ll be able to update your panel(s) an unlimited number of times while your subscription is current. If your subscription expires, the panel(s) will continue to usethe last Dataset loaded. You just won’t be able to update anymore without a valid licence.
  • Exporting of Approach Plates and the use of our EasyVFR software is NOT included in a Dataset-Only Subscription.

Apply to Early Access Waitlinglist


After two years of building EasyVFR 4 from the ground up, we are ready for you to join us and become a test pilot! Over the next weeks we will invite more and more users to evaluate EasyVFR 4. If you are interested to help us, please sign up below. At some point we will need to test EasyVFR compatibility with certain devices, that is why we need to know the type of devices you use.

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