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AERO 2024 Offer

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €150,00.Huidige prijs is: €99,00. / jaar

Welcome to Flying Season: Exclusive AERO Discounts for EasyVFR and Your Dynon SkyView ✨

As the Northern Hemisphere embraces longer days and warmer temperatures, it’s time to gear up for another thrilling flying season. Ensure your Dynon SkyView is flight-ready with our special AERO discount offer.

This AERO Week, we’re outdoing ourselves with an even better deal than before: Enjoy a huge discount of 51 euros off on FFM, and 20 to 33% off on all products listed below. Plus, when you subscribe, upgrade, or renew this week, this discounted price will apply to every renewal in the future. Not sure? Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime!

To bundle an add-on with your FFM subscription and take advantage of the discount, simply select the desired option below by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.

Frequent Flyer Membership (included)

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €150,00.Huidige prijs is: €99,00. inc. VAT / jaar

DFS Germany VFR Plates (check to add)

European VFR chart for Dynon Avionics (check to add)

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