European VFR chart for Dynon Avionics

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Proudly we announce our own rendered EasyVFR 4 designed chart for Dynon SkyView and Advanced Flight Systems 5000 series. This new chart has a similar data resolution as the 1:500.000, V500, Zoom ICAO charts published by several national suppliers. The biggest advantage with the EasyVFR 4 chart is that it is updated throughout the year, and therefore more up to date, where other charts are only issued once or twice per year. And there is more. Several extra data layers can be added to complement the Dynon SkyView database.

  • A georeferenced chart that covers all European countries at once.
  • Frequently updated throughout the year.
  • Runs on all Dynon SkyView panels, and on the AFS-5000 series.
  • Compliments the Dynon database with FIS frequencies, and SQWK codes.
  • On map VFR routes and traffic patterns.
  • More information types to be added when there is user demand.

TIP! : By design, any chart loaded into Dynon SkyView is not tappable when there is no aviation database loaded. For the best experience, use this chart in combination with our Aviation and Obstacle datasets for SkyView. Included with our Frequent Flyer Membership, and our Dynon Dataset only subscription.

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Frequently asked question

Below are the most asked questions. More info is listed in our blog post European VFR chart for Dynon SkyView. Please if you have any further questions, just contact the team via the support widget on the right bottom of this website. We are all pilots here and love to help a fellow aviator.



What is the difference to other ICAO charts?

  1. First, the Europe-wide EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon is specifically designed for Dynon to add data types that are missing in the Dynon database setup. Like FIS-frequencies, squawk-codes, and VFR approach and departure routes. Obviously, these routes are missing on any other ICAO chart.
  2. The chart is updated every 28-days and is therefore always up-to-date. Where other charts are only updated once a year, missing any changes done in the meantime. When you purchase a chart that is only update once a year you are advised to do pen corrections when a change has been made in the AIP. This is obviously not possible on a moving map. That's why we choose to update the chart with every AIRAC-cycle so you have always the latest data on board!
  3. The chart covers all European countries, not only a single country or region. Al at the same data quality level and uniform chart design.
  4. You as a user can have an influence on the design and datatypes added to the EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon. Many enhancements are done  to make the chart, even more, complementing the Dynon SkyView and AFS-5000 series EFIS.


Does this include VFR approach plates or any airport data with pattern information and VFR routes on intl. airports?

The new Europe-wide EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon already contains the VFR approach and departure routes for most (soon all) European airports that have a VFR reporting point. Other data types like traffic patterns are also on our wishlist to add to the chart. The AIP approach plates are included in our Frequent Flyer Membership license, for DFS Germany, Swiss Skyguide and UK Pooleys VFR Plates are available as an add-on.


How does the monthly update work for obstacle aviation data?

Europewide EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon is updated every AIRAC-cycle together with the Aviation and Obstacle datasets.


Is this map active/visible on all devices beyond the subscription year?

The chart is updated every 28-days. When your subscription is terminated you won't get any updates but you can still use the chart as long as you store the chart with the corresponding KeyFile on your own local storage. It is not possible to download these again when your subscription has ended.


Track Up / North Up

Can I use the chart in Track Up map mode on my SkyView?

Yes you can. Just like any other raster chart for Dynon. When you have a SkyView touch you can swap between North Up and Track Up map mode by tapping the North compass icon. On all SkyView systems you can setup the prefered map mode in de map menu. In this knowledge base you will find step by step instructions: Dynon SkyView - Track Up / North Up with ICAO chart.


Why are the labels on the chart not turning in Track Up map mode?

On a raster chart, all elements are fixed per zoom level, similar to an image. It is not possible to rotated elements when using Track Up map mode. The best solution would be to let the SkyView mapping engine render the labels using the data of our Aviation database. Just like when you don't have a chart enabled. At this moment Dynon Avionics does not allow the SkyView to combine raster charts with database elements as they do with obstacles.  We can however choose per zoom level which element to show and in which size. We can even show completely different charts per zoom level. The FIS frequencies when zoomed far out is one example. This is something no other ICAO rasterchart does for the SkyView.


USB memory stick

How is this map loaded onto my SkyView?

Download the chart-file and key-file onto your Dynon USB stick. Insert the stick into the Skyview and leave it inserted. More details on the procedure are listed in our Knowledge Base article Dynon SkyView - Charts.


What is the minimum USB memorystick size?

USB flashdrives work best when there is sufficient spare room left. All our products including all charts and plates together are about seven gigabytes. An USB memory stick with a minimum storage of 16GB minimum is advised.


Copying all files to my USB stick takes ages. How to get this process faster?

To prevent long copy time to the memory stick, sufficient reading- and writing speeds of the memory stick/ micro sd-card make a big difference. Also use a fast USB 3.0 port on your desktop when available.


Do I need to keep the USB memorystick inserted into the SkyView?

Yes, for the chart and VFR plates this is necessary. The SkyView has not sufficient internal storage to store charts and VFR plates. Instead it will read the chart and plates from the USB memorystick that is inserted into the USB port.


I do not have a spare USB port, can I use a USB splitter?

Yes, we have tested several USB splitters and hubs, and they all seem to work. But before you go this road, did you check the back of your SkyView panel? Most panels have by default two USB ports. Preferably, one port is used for the Dynon Wi-Fi adapter. The second one is often used for an extension cable to the front panel for easy access of the Dynon USB memorystick.


Change the coloring of airspaces

EasyVFR 4 map style USER CONFIG

SkyView’s default style differs from the map styles look & feel used in Europe. In our knowledge base we offer an config file that tweaks the coloring of the airspaces drawn by SkyVIew to match the EasyVFR 4 map coloring. 'European' map styling for Dynon SkyView.

Additional information

Delivery Methode

Download from website to EFIS USB stick, Download within EasyVFR 4 app, Export from EasyVFR 4 app to EFIS USB stick


Advanced Flight Systems AFS-5000 series, EasyVFR 4, Dynon SkyView

Country and Region Coverage

Albania, Andorra, Australie (EFIS Data only), Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic (Czechia), Denmark, England, Europe / Europa (EU), France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK)

Necessary Plan

EasyVFR Essential, EasyVFR Live, EasyVFR Pro, Frequent Flyer Membership

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