Frequent Flyer Membership

150,00 inc. VAT / day

Made for pilots, by pilots! Featuring high-resolution vector maps and a redesigned interface. Find your way through even the most complex airspace with EasyVFR 4.

You can choose between two licenses. Standard and this one, the most chosen Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM). This licence is the Flagship product.
It includes installing EasyVFR apps on all your personal devices, it runs on Windows desktop, MacOS, Android and Apple iOS, with unlimited access to NOTAMs, AIP plates, AeroData, weather, ATC flight plan filing and software updates, for the period of one year. You can also export your AeroData to one EFIS systems by MGL, Dynon and AFS. And on top of that, you receive on many charts and plates a big FFM discount.

? Full access to all features of EasyVFR 4.
? The license is valid for all your personal devices.
? Fast en accurate customer support.
? 30 days to change your mind and full refund.

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Your FFM license includes:

1 - The EasyVFR 4 App on all your devices
Explore new destinations as a pilot with the new EasyVFR 4!
Find your way through even the most complex airspaces in Europe with EasyVFR4, the single tool that does it all: flight planning, navigation, mass & balance calculations, NOTAMs, charts, flight plan filing, auto routing and so much more. The new high-resolution vector map and airport diagrams in EasyVFR4 make exploring the skies an ever more rewarding and pleasant experience!


  • Easy to read SmartMap Our new Vector Map is not only beautiful, but it also has brains! Only see the information that really matters, based on the time that you fly. The map displays terrain, obstacles, aerodata and georeferenced NOTAMs.
  • Connect with the outside world EasyVFR plays nicely with many portable GPS, TCAS, FLARM and ADS-B systems. No complex setup procedures are involved ? EasyVFR does that for you. Get real-time traffic and weather information at your fingertips.
  • Flightplanning on the go With the modern and vibrant interface of EasyVFR 4, making and adjusting a flight plan has become easier than ever! Tiresome tasks like flight plan filing, performance calculations and mass & balance are all done automatically and accurately.
  • Weather to Fly EasyVFR offers easy access to all kinds of reliable information you need, offering you unprecedented awareness of current and predicted weather around the world.
  • Georeferenced Charts & Plates With the approach plates displayed on the moving map, you feel at home at every airport around the world!
2 - AeroData for your EFIS
3 - All data always up-to-date
The FFM membership provides you with updated AeroData for Europe, USA, Canada & Australia / New Zealand, published in line with the 28 day AIRAC cycle. It includes a continuous feed of EuroControl NOTAMs, and weather data from official sources in the supported regions and from our contracted professionals.
4 - Flight plan filing
5 - Ability to included add-ons like commercial charts and non-AIP plates

Additional information

Apple iOS

Minimum requirements: 64-bit and 2GB RAM. Effectively:
iPad Air 2 and higher.
iPad Mini 4 and higher.
iPhone 6S and higher.
The iPad Mini 5 and iPad Pro perform extremely well.


Minimum requirements: 64-bit, +3GB RAM. Android 7.0 and higher is advised.
We have good results with the following Android devices:
Huawei MediaPad M5
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and S6.
Most modern smartphones.

Windows desktop

Minimum requirements:
64-bit, 2GB RAM, Windows 7 and higher is advised.


Minimum requirements:
All 64-bit MacOS versions. E.g. High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina.

Download AeroData for

Dynon SkyView, MGL Avionics, LX Nav.


SkyEcho2 (uAvionics), Stratux, iLevil 3 SW (Levil Aviation), Rosetta (PilotAware), DRX (Dynon Avionics), Stratus 3 (Appareo)


Flarm position €35/y, Commercial rastercharts and airport plates – price ranges between €8,95 and €84,99


€15 on the German DFS approach plates