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Frequent Flyer Membership: All-in-One Solution

  • Enjoy all Pro features on both desktop and mobile
  • Export AeroData for your EFIS Avionics, including Dynon, AFS, MGL, LX, and Oudie

Pro: Unlock the Complete EasyVFR Toolbox for mobile?

  • Utilize Pro Route and Weather features
  • Employ the Autorouter function
  • Manage Aircraft Profiles, mass & balance calculations
  • Take advantage of EasyVFR cloud storage
  • Access georeferenced AIP VFR plates
  • And much more!

Live: Enhance Your Situational Awareness

  • Monitor real-time airspace activations on the map
  • Benefit from NOTAM filtering and Airspace Use Plans
  • Experience GDL90, ADS-B, FLARM traffic, and flight simulator connectivity

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