EASA GA Safety Award EasyVFR 4 by PocketFMS

EasyVFR 4 is ready for Europe

You are invited to create your account using the below form, after which you can start using EasyVFR 4 today, no strings attached. You can decide afterwards if EasyVFR 4 has met or even exceeded your expectations, and whether you want to continue with a paid license. The trial period runs 30 days for free.

Official Aviation data included

The EasyVFR 4 membership provides you with updated AeroData for all European countries published in line with the 28-day AIRAC cycle.

EasyVFR 4 data partners

Our AeroData includes a continuous feed of the following sources:
PocketFMS AeroData
Airport Plates & Documents from EUROCONTROL
Aviation Weather data from Deutscher Wetterdienst
Terrain data from NASA
Geographical data from EuroGeographics and OpenStreetMap

The PocketFMS Foundation provides since 2003 extra data on top of the official sources. The AeroData is professionally maintained and continuously updated and improved from a variety of verifiable sources. Reports of omissions that are received by us are investigated and if necessary repaired on very short notice - often the very same day.
Leading avionics manufacturers such as Dynon Avionics and MGL Avionics are also using PocketFMS AeroData to provide accurate and detailed information to their users.

Other regions that are part of the PocketFMS AeroData- like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - will be added later on to EasyVFR 4.

System Requirments

EasyVFR 4 runs on all major 64-bit operating systems. iOS/ iPadOS, Android, Windows and macOS. A minimum of 2GB of RAM is advised.

For more info and the latest status please read the article:
Compatible devices and system requirements

If you have more questions regarding a specific device, feel free to send us a message using the blue "Ask the team" button on this page, or by sending an email to [email protected]

ADS-B and Flarm recipients

Traffic and GPS data can be received from various receivers, such as:

  • SkyEcho2 (uAvionics)
  • Stratux
  • iLevil 3 SW (Levil Aviation)
  • Rosetta (PilotAware)
  • DRX (Dynon Avionics)
  • Stratus 3 (Appareo)

More info can be found at Connectivity

Dynon Avionics SkyView

Once you have a Dynon SkyView panel with the Wi-Fi dongle installed, EasyVFR 4 can send routes to Dynon SkyView and receive the GPS position of your SkyView.

We are also the supplier of the Aviation and Obstacle database and georeferenced maps and approach plates and documents for Dynon Skyview.

Read more at Dynon Avionics Data

EasyVFR4 15Jan2021
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