Quality datasets and basemaps for Dynon.

Official, complete, current and comprehensive.

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Unleash the power of your Dynon SkyView System!

Dynon’s SkyView avionics are a perfect match for next-generation airplanes. The next generation of glass panels, offers redundant networks and systems, incredibly bright screens, design flexibility, and future upgradability unsurpassed by anything else. What about the data you see on your SkyView?

With EasyVFR AeroData your SkyView gets even better: use our proven and reliable Aeronautical Information (AeroData) to safely navigate with your Dynon SkyView.

The AeroDataset contains airspaces, airports – including many unlisted in official publications – runways, frequencies, remarks, NavAids, Obstacles, IFR waypoints and VFR Reporting Points.  Regions covered in a Dataset include the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


Official, complete, current and comprehensive

The Aeronautical Information (AeroData) is produced by the EasyVFR team. It contains the airspaces, airports, runways, frequencies, obstacles, waypoints and more matters of concern to all VFR pilots. The AeroData is professionally maintained by our team of Airmarshals. Since these Airmarshals are based all around the globe, our AeroData is updated and supported 24/7. You can find more information on AeroData here.


Updates are automatically delivered to your inbox every 28 days

If you have multiple SkyView panels installed in one aircraft, the other panel will be updated via the SkyView network – so you only need 1 license.

Europe chart for Dynon

Our acclaimed EasyVFR Basemap is now also available for your Dynon Skyview as an add-on to the Dynon Data Only or Frequent Flyer Membership.

With clear colors and distinctive features it makes navigating the complex European airspace so much easier!

PocketFMS Dynon SkyView AeroData

Aviation and obstacle data

Datasets include airports, runways, frequencies, remarks, NavAids, Obstacles, IFR waypoints, VFR Reporting Points and airspaces.  Regions covered in a Dataset include the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Georeferenced Approach Plates

Charts that you purchase with us or are part of your EasyVFR subscription, are available geo-referenced for your Dynon Skyview.

Watch yourself fly that perfectly executed approach procedure over the official charts!

Our Dataset brings the world to your Dynon SkyView – Order Now

The vast majority of the Dynon SkyView owners are also EasyVFR FFM members. Not only do they get the EasyVFR AeroData with regular updates, but also full access to the EasyVFR app.

With EasyVFR, they can plan their flights where- and whenever they like. It also is a very capable inflight navigation tool.

There also is a dataset-only subscription available.

Can’t wait? Order your license down below and you receive your files within minutes.


Logo Dynon Requirements
Hardware SV-D700 / SV-D1000 / SV-HDX800 / SV-HDX1100 / SV-HDX1200

Our datasets are meant to function with the latest version of the SkyView firmware. Please make sure you install the most recent version Dynon has available. Be careful: some certified versions of SkyView have dedicated firmware, which is part of the certification process. Depending on the version on which it is based, a Dataset may not work on those systems.

Owners / users of SkyViews running aircraft-specific firmware should contact Dynon Support before acquiring a license.

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