Release day 4.0.899 Fuel and more

EasyVFR 4.0.899 public release

What's in for me? Since the last public release in January a lot has happened. With this blogpost I would like to inform you about the major new functionalities rather than just a boring summary of bug fixes. Interested in the entire list of new...

iOS 14

iOS 14 compatibility tests and workarounds

EasyVFR 3 and 4 with iOS 14 Apple are working hard towards a release of a new version of the operating system for your iPad or iPhone (iOS). iOS 14 is currently in beta, meaning it's being tested but may still contain issues that need attention...

EasyVFR crew at Aero 2019

Volunteers wanted

Would you like to become a part of the technical revolution in aviation?Today is an exciting time to be active in aviation. While airspace is becoming more complex by the day and general aviation is fighting for space in the more densely...

vliegen cessna tl stream middenmeer bollen DSC06999

EasyVFR 4 SmartMap – how does it work?

One of the most anticipated features of EasyVFR 4 without a doubt is our new SmartMap. Of course it is vector based and shows incredible detail until the very lowest zoomlevel. But the smart bit is that it fades airspaces that are not active at...

horizon ev4

Something special on the horizon

EasyVFR 4 beta - close to release! We have lost track of how many of you asked us when the next big update for EasyVFR was due. So we are happy to announce it will be soon, our friends, very soon! But we take it step by step, to make sure that...

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