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Here you find all our subscriptions and add-ons for both the EasyVFR 4 App as for Avionics systems (EFIS). Any questions? We are all pilots here at EasyVFR and love to help a fellow aviator. Ask the team via the blue widget on the bottom right.

Primary Memberships

You need to have at least one of these memberships licenses valid in order to be able to use the Add-Ons (Charts and Plates) when compatible.


EasyVFR 4 App subscriptions

EasyVFR Standard subscription lets you use the EasyVFR 4 App on two personal Android and iOS devices – Having access to all data types and covered regions we maintain.

Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) extends that license to all your personal devices including Windows, and macOS – To file Flight Plans – To export Datasets (and AIP plates) to the supported Avionics.

The membership period renews every 12 months – Can be canceled anytime you like via your  My Account page – We have a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy when no Avionic (EFIS) panel was registered at that time. A 30 days trial for EasyVFR 4 App is available.


Avionics Datasets subscriptions

The Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) permits you to download the same Datasets that come with the individual Avionics Dataset subscriptions, but then for all your supported Avionics – Plus exporting AIP Plates for Dynon SkyView and  MGL EFIS – And the use of the EasyVFR 4 App on all personal devices.

These subscriptions renew every 12 months and can be canceled anytime you like via your My Account page.

Optional Add-Ons

You need to have at least one Membership licenses valid in order to use these Add-Ons (Charts and Plates). All Charts and Plates Add-Ons are useable within the EasyVFR 4 App and Dynon SkyView. Plates are also compatible with MGL EFIS. Charts are also compatible with Advanced Flight Systems AF-5000 series.

Europe-wide EasyVFR 4 Chart as add-on for Dynon?

Proudly we announce our inhouse build EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon SkyView!

This new chart has a similar data resolution as the 1:500.000, V500, Zoom ICAO charts published by several national suppliers. Where other charts are only issued once or twice a year, is the EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon updated throughout the year. Furthermore, several extra data layers are added to complement the Dynon SkyView database. Terrain elevations, FIR frequencies and more. The chart update process has also been improved.

VFR Plates subscriptions

Free AIP plates and documents are included with the EasyVFR App Memberships.
Some countries offer VFR Plates and Documents only as a paid 12 monthly subscription. All Plates can be updated to the latest version throughout the subscription period.

Compatible with the EasyVFR 4 App, and for FFM members at Dynon SkyView or MGL EFIS as well.


All Memberships include all Aviation, Obstacle, Geographic, and Terrain data you need to plan your flight – update every 28 days. The yearly published charts from national suppliers are georeferenced and available as an optional Add-On. Charts come with a one-time payment, are usable within the compatible devices, and downloadable as long as they are valid.

Compatible with the EasyVFR 4 App, Dynon SkyView, and Advanced Flight Systems AF-5000 series.

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