Flightplanning on the Go

With EasyVFR 4 you have the Swiss Army Knife of flight planning in the palm of your hand. A wide array of tools and features to prepare your flight from A to Z.

Always have a Plan B

EasyVFR 4 allows you to work on a new plan (yellow) while keeping your current plan active (magenta).
Only after you approve of your new plan, it gets switched to active mode. This gives you the power to explore new options without losing track of your current route.

Fly with (y)our Friends

Routes generated through EasyVFR can be exported to a wide variety of avionics, applications and services.
EasyVFR supports direct flight route transfer to Dynon avionics and RocketRoute and Autorouter.eu flightplan services.
Exported routes from EasyVFR are also compatible with most of our competitors*, so you can share them with your friends!

Currently supported are SkyDemon, Garmin Pilot and any other app capable of reading .gpx formats.


Get Directions

The unique EasyVFR autorouter functionality helps you find a way through complex airspace. Tell EasyVFR what your limitations are and it will come up with the most efficient route to your destination.

It’s all about Performance

EasyVFR can generate a Weight & Balance sheet for your planned route. It is also able to calculate the estimated fuel burn based on speed, distance and weather.* 

*Requires a one-time setup of EasyVFR with the actual performance figures and weight and balance data from your aircraft POH.


Bundle of Convenience

All the necessary documentation regarding your flightplan, i.e. NavLog, NOTAM and weather briefing, approach plates and performance data is bundled into one convenient TripKit: ready for PDF export and print!
We believe paper is still the best precaution against empty batteries and it also makes ramp inspections a lot easier.

Filing without fiddling

Your flightplan can be filed and distributed automatically through EasyVFR. The boundary crossing times will be automatically* calculated and inserted into the flightplan.*

*Requires a one-time setup of EasyVFR with the actual performance figures and weight and balance data from your aircraft POH.

"EasyVFR helps me through all of the important steps of preparing a flight in just minutes. It saves time on the paperwork, so I have more time to actually fly!"

– Mitch Peterson

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