Georeferenced Charts and Plates

With the approach plates displayed on the moving map, you feel at home at every airport around the world!

Easy display

The available georeferenced charts and plates can be discovered by a single touch at the airport icon.

Georeferenced charts allow you to fly complex procedures that you are unfamiliar with and provide improved situational awareness. 

Worldwide Availability

Approach plates that are available for free in national AIPs (Germany excepted), are included as base map in EasyVFR with the EasyVFR Pro subscription.

Optional Plates

Besides the free public AIP plates, we also offer select commercial chart and airport plate products in EasyVFR.

This is most relevant in the following countries where no free AIP plates are available:

For all optional charts and plates, visit our webshop.

*AIP charts are available for free in EasyVFR for licensed airfields in the UK.
Pooleys charts are available at additional charge.


Useful alternatives

Where no charts or plates are available, we use our extensive database to provide you with the necessary information to fly a safe departure or arrival procedure. 
For many airports EasyVFR displays traffic pattern direction and altitude, and in select countries the actual shape of the traffic pattern is shown.

Taxiways are shown based on OpenStreetMap data. Although this is not an official aviation data source, it can be very useful when no chart is available.

Feel at home. Everywhere.

Georeferenced approach charts on your moving map can give you that extra bit of confidence that you need to truly enjoy exploring other places.

"That little airplane moving over the Approach Chart of your destination makes even the most challenging procedure easy."

– Geoffrey Baker

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