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Glider pilots are required to prepare their flights just like all other recreational, commercial, and military pilots.
The meteorological situation and navigational aspects are carefully studied. The glider is checked meticulously and all required documents must be verified as valid. On top of that, the airspace restriction applicable to the flight must be understood.

The challenge for the pilot, in this three dimensional environment with its invisible restrictions, is to visualize these restrictions.

Assisting the glider pilot in creating that picture is precisely the goal of GPS AeroData.

What do I need & how do I get the GPS AeroData

The Glider Pilot Shop (‘GPS’) AeroData can be used on a series of glider EFIS devices. The full list of compatible devices / programs is listed here. So you’ll need one of these to begin with. A proper place to acquire one would be the Glider Pilot Shop, and it is expected that more devices from other manufacturers will soon follow.

If you’re already a EasyVFR Frequent Flyer Member then this Dataset, like all other Datasets, is of course free of charge for you!

lxnav_logo GPS AeroData Works on
LXNAV LX8000s with serial number lower than 25700 or from 27000 up to and including 27999 require an upgrade of the CPU
LX8080, LX9000, LX9050 & LX9070 > all versions compatible (please update your device with the latest firmware (free download)).


Our Dataset brings the world to your LXNAV – Order Now

LXNav data updates are included with EasyVFR FFM membership.
Not only do you get the EasyVFR AeroData with regular updates, but also full access to the EasyVFR app.

With EasyVFR, you can plan your flights where- and whenever you like. It also is a very capable inflight navigation tool.  

Can’t wait? Order your license down below and you receive your files within minutes.

About EasyVFR AeroData

The Aeronautical Information (AeroData) is produced by the EasyVFR team. It contains the airspaces, airports, runways, frequencies, obstacles, waypoints and more matters of concern to all VFR pilots. The AeroData is professionally maintained by our team of Airmarshals. Since these Airmarshals are globally dispersed, AeroData maintenance is a 24/7 ongoing process. This also allows us to make rapid repairs if an error is reported. You can find more information on AeroData here.

GPS AeroData-Only Subscription

Just the data.
  • You’ll be able to update one LXNAV an unlimited number of times while your subscription is current. If your subscription expires, the SkyView(s) will continue to use the last Dataset loaded. You just won’t be able to update anymore without a valid licence.
  • Exporting of Approach Plates and the use of our EasyVFR software is NOT included in a Dataset-Only Subscription. You can however use Charts that you purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: With either licence type, your Dataset is downloaded from the PocketFMS Members Only website. The first time you’ll need to log in there and specify the serial number(s) of the device(s) you’ll be using. Login is done using your registered email address as the user name, and your Registration Number as the password. Subsequent downloads can be done from the GPS AeroData website without the need for a login.

If you have multiple panels installed, the other panel will be updated via the network – you only need one licence for one plane.

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