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Ev4 logbook--Again!

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Once again i have issues with Ev4 logbook..

Todays flights (2)are shown in breadcrumbs in Ev4 but absolutely nothing in logbook...why?

Maybe I have something not set correctly but all I know is the logbook in Ev4 seems to have a mind of its own....sometimes it records a flight sometimes it doesn't and i don't understand why? frustrating.

Ev3 on the other hand, run in parallel on a separate tablet never fails to record a just works every time.


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I have a wild blend of issues. Sometimes no breadcrumb, sometimes a wild logbook entry where recording simply did not stop (and a 1hr flight became a 5hr trip). Using an iPad with latest iOS. Used to work reliably. No such luck these days. Also awfully slow in use when scrolling through the list. Maybe I have too many flights in there.

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