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Not planned Manually change Route Total position


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Can the route total be manually moved, because it's at the top of the screen, when you take off (depart) it moves to the bottom , which covers my flight infofield, which are along the bottom of the screen.

Or will I have to move (rearrange) my  settings

Regards Colin

This topic was modified 4 months ago by Tim Peter
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Hi Colin,

Thank you for your request to make the position of the Route Totals manually movable. I am sorry, but we have not planend to make UI elements positions flexible.

I would be happy though to share with you a bit more about what we are working at. I have send you an email to schedule a video call, when you are interested.



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Hi Tim,

Thanks for coming back, if I could delete it because I don’t use it anyway. Can I mail you in a few week to arrange a video call to find out a bit more of whats going on. I’m just about to go on holiday so thing are a bit hectic.

Thanks again Colin

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