Exclusive ANC 1:500.000 2024 Chart for AOPA Finland Members ?

Get the Finland ANC 1:500.000 2024 chart for just €10 instead of €39,99, exclusively for AOPA Finland members! Access the chart in the EasyVFR 4 app with a free account, created during checkout.

About the ANC Finland 2024 chart
✈️ Experience seamless planning and navigation with the georeferenced ANC Finland 1:500k 2024 chart in the app. Its interactive database ensures versatility and user-friendliness.

About the EasyVFR 4 app
Unlock the free EasyVFR 4 app benefits with a complimentary EasyVFR Essential license:

  1. Graphical NOTAMs and temporary SUB airspaces on-map
  2. Instant access to official AIP & VFR information
  3. Clear, easy-to-read maps with real-time updates
  4. Effortless, accurate, and reliable route planning, navigation, and sharing
  5. Optional: Enhance your experience with paid add-ons: ICAO/commercial charts, SafeSky Premium

Start now by entering your email and AOPA membership number below. Use your existing EasyVFR 4 or PocketFMS account email to ensure your new license is valid on that account.

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AOPA Finland ANC Chart Discount Terms and Explanation

Thanks to our partnership with AOPA Finland, we can offer you the Finland ANC 1:500,000 chart for use in the EasyVFR 4 app at a fantastic price. To enjoy this offer, please follow these simple terms:

  1. Active AOPA Finland Membership: Be an active AOPA Finland member when buying the chart license. Enter your AOPA Finland membership number for verification.
  2. Automatic License Activation: Your chart license activates automatically after payment. We’ll then confirm your AOPA Finland membership is valid.
  3. Chart Coverage and Use: The ANC aeronautical chart series covers all of Finland (ANC 1:500,000) and is designed for visual air navigation. This product is a single 1:500,000 chart covering the entire country, downloadable within the EasyVFR app after purchase.
  4. Staying Informed on Map Changes: Stay up-to-date on map changes after publication by checking the Aviation Information Service page under AIS products and services > Corrections to ANC maps. This page also explains symbols in A4 size. Corrections, if needed, will be published by NOTAM, see Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB). The EasyVFR app database, which makes the chart interactive, is updated every 28 days following the AIRAC-cycle.
  5. Chart Availability and Usage: When a new chart replaces the purchased chart, the old one will no longer be available for download or recovery in the EasyVFR app or any other method. Downloaded charts in the EasyVFR app will still work unless you purchase a new chart or delete the chart file or app.
  6. Incorrect Membership Details: If we find incorrect membership details, the PocketFMS Foundation may cancel your license without a refund. As long as our partnership with AOPA Finland continues and you remain an active member, you can purchase the updated ANC Finland chart annually on this page.
Official Aviation data included

The EasyVFR 4 memberships provides you with updated AeroData for all European countries published in line with the 28-day AIRAC cycle.

EasyVFR 4 data partners

Our AeroData includes a continuous feed of the following sources:
PocketFMS AeroData
AUP/UUP data from EUROCONTROL (EasyVFR Live, Pro or FFM required)
Airport Plates & Documents from EUROCONTROL (EasyVFR Pro or FFM required)
Aviation Weather data from Deutscher Wetterdienst (EasyVFR Pro or FFM required)
Terrain data from NASA
Geographical data from EuroGeographics and OpenStreetMap

The PocketFMS Foundation provides since 2003 extra data on top of the official sources. The AeroData is professionally maintained and continuously updated and improved from a variety of verifiable sources. Reports of omissions that are received by us are investigated and if necessary repaired on very short notice – often the very same day.
Leading avionics manufacturers such as Dynon Avionics and MGL Avionics are also using PocketFMS AeroData to provide accurate and detailed information to their users.

Other regions that are part of the PocketFMS AeroData- like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – will be added later on to EasyVFR 4.

System Requirments

EasyVFR 4 runs on all major 64-bit operating systems. iOS/ iPadOS, Android, Windows and macOS. A minimum of 2GB of RAM is advised.

For more info and the latest status please read the article:
Compatible devices and system requirements

If you have more questions regarding a specific device, feel free to send us a message using the blue “Ask the team” button on this page, or by sending an email to team@easyvfr4.aero

ANC Finland 500k whole of Finland
ANC Finland 500k whole of Finland screenshot of EFTU CTR
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