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Beta 4.0.943 beta (03NOV2021)

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Hi friends,

Today's beta is planned to be promoted as public app stores version. It focuses on some last useful improvements around automatic flying mode detection, the new create route using free text feature, and a small rework of the NOTAM quick-info window. Newly added are specific icons for paramotor and paraglider fields and several translation improvements. All based on your suggestions.

As always, many thanks for your input! Together we make EasyVFR 4 a better companion every day!


Team EasyVFR 4



Release notes

  • NEW: Implemented symbology for Paramotor and Paraglider fields.
  • IMPROVED: Build route from free text, now also supports user waypoints.
  • IMPROVED: Automatic Flyingmode enable/disable detection now handles momentary speed and altitude changes due to bad GPS reception better.
  • IMPROVED: Automatic logbook creation when doing a lot of flights with only a few minutes " back on the ground" time (like glider flight instructors and sailplane towers), is now better handled.
  • IMPROVED: Logbook Touch&Goes counting when using both an internal and external GPS receiver, is now better handled.
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo->NOTAM, now places airfield NOTAMs on top.
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo->NOTAM now has a speed dial button to control the various NOTAM Suppress and Filter settings.
  • IMPROVED: Quick Info window now keeps displaying the (i) icon at the correct place on the map.
  • IMPROVED: Language files updated.
  • IMPROVED: On iOS, the screen can now be rotated between landscape and portrait when viewing a PDF in the embedded PDF viewer.
  • FIXED: Manual updating AeroData was not possible since the previous beta version 4.0.938.
  • FIXED: Sometimes after modifying a user-waypoint on a route, the label for some or all user-waypoints in the route would not get rendered on the map.
  • FIXED: Label for P/B/D created user-waypoints in a route could have an overflow in rendering the distance part.
  • FIXED: On Android when using an external GPS or connected to a flight simulator, AND sitting inside a building with NO GPS reception, EasyVFR started to flip back and forth between Flyingmode and Planning mode.




Apple iOS & iPadOS

  • Minimum requirements:
    • 64-bit and 2GB RAM. Effectively:
      • iPad Air 2 and higher.
      • iPad Mini 4 and higher.
      • iPhone 6S and higher.
    • The iPad Mini 5 and iPad Pro perform extremely well.
  • Download
    1. Install the Apple TestFlight app via the Apple AppStore.

    2. Go to the following URL to download the latest version of EasyVFR4 via TestFlight:


  • Minimum requirements:
    • 64-bit, +3GB RAM. Android 7.0 and higher is advised.
    • Android 11 is not yet stable.
  • We have good results with:
    • Huawei MediaPad M5.
    • Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and S6.
    • Most modern smartphones.
  • Download:
    • To install you must enable the option: "Allow the installation of apps from sources other than Play store" in Android Settings, Lock screen and Security. Some Android devices require you to tap&hold the link below, then choose [Download link] to store the APK on your device from where you then can install this downloaded APK.

Windows desktop

macOS High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina

      • Apple macOS (Runs up to Catalina. For Intel macs, Big Sur and up are not supported. M1 macs can download via the iOS AppStore).
    • Minimum requirements:
      • Most 64-bit macOS versions. E.g. High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina.
      • M1 mac's can download via the iOS AppStore. (beta)
    • Download:
    • Installation instructions:
      • After downloading the DMG, open it and drag the EasyVFR 4 icon into the Applications folder. EasyVFR 4 is now available via Launchpad.
      • When you get the message " can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store" choose [Open in Finder] from that popup, then right-click on and choose open. Now the same popup will appear, now with a [Open] button.
      • From there on you can launch EasyVFR 4 from the launchpad without this warning.

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Just a short flight yesterday, no in-flight issues and all data updates worked well.

The end of flight summary appeared sooner, while I was still taxying. After acknowledging, EV4 seemed to still be in flight mode.

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