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Beta 4.1.304 (7 OCT 2022) - Native X-Plane and Prepar3D support - Dynon data exchange now also for Dataset only subscribers

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Dear aviators, dear SkyView owners, dear sim pilots,

With autumn well on its way, we are happy to announce that version 4.1.304 is ready in beta for you to try! Introducing native support for the X-Plane 12 (and older) and Prepar3D sims. And bringing the Dynon data exchange that was previously only for FFM license holders now also to Dynon Dataset Only users.


See your simulator position within EasyVFR 4

For EasyVFR Live, Pro, and FFM subscribers only

Whether you are a real-life pilot who occasionally flies sims or an experienced sim pilot, it is very useful to be able to see your simulated position and basic data in a navigation app like EasyVFR. When connected, EasyVFR fully functions as if you were really flying. Briliant for both learning how EasyVFR 4 works in the air including airspace warnings and working InfoFields and for precise VFR navigation in the sim.


With the MSFS connector tool from Ubi Sumus, you could already connect EasyVFR 4 to Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2020. This remains the go-to method for MSFS. 

For X-Plane and P3D there are also connectors/plugins. But for these two sims, there is a far easier method built into the simulators itself. We have now taken the time to become compatible with this "native" method. Setting it up is as easy as toggling a switch within the sim. EasyVFR 4 will now auto-detect the X-Plane and Prepar3D data feed.

The following data shared by X-Plane and Prepar3D is parsed by EV4 and used to determine other values:

  • GPS coordinates
  • Track (magnetic)
  • Altitude AMSL
  • Groundspeed
  • Vertical speed


 X-Plane 12 (and 11)

EasyVFR 4 now supports native connection from X-Plane 12 and older.
In X-Plane choose Settings -> Network -> Click on the + in front of "IPHONE, IPAD and EXTERNAL APPS" -> Enable the option "Broadcast to all mapping apps on the network".


X-Plane Multiplayer is also supported.

Connectivity also works with the demo version of X-Plane 11 and 12. Allowing you to fly in the sim for 15 minutes per session. Plenty of time to see if it works for you.



EasyVFR 4 now supports native connections from Prepar3D. You only have to enable on setting in Prepar3D. Settings -> Application -> Select "Enable GPS data transmission" -> Preferably using "Broadcast GPS data to network".

Tested for Prepar3D version 5.


If you have any feedback feel free to write them below or send us an email. We would love to see your sim setups and hear how it is working for you.

Other improvements and fixes are listed in the release notes below. EasyVFR 4 has become very reliable on most devices and use cases. When you do find anomalies, please send us an email with some contextual information so we can learn how to reproduce them and fix them for you.

We will get back to you soon with more updates on the user interface, tools, and data.


Team EasyVFR 4



Release notes

  • NEW: EasyVFR 4 now supports native connection from X-Plane 12 and older. In X-Plane choose Settings -> Network -> Click on the + in front of "IPHONE, IPAD and EXTERNAL APPS" -> Enable the option "Broadcast to all mapping apps on the network". EasyVFR4 will now auto-detect the X-Plane data feed. Multiplayer is also supported.
  • NEW: EasyVFR 4 now supports native connections from Prepar3D. Settings -> Application -> Select "Enable GPS data transmission" -> Preferably using "Broadcast GPS data to network". EasyVFR4 will now auto-detect the Prepar3D data feed.
  • NEW: Dynon Data Only users can now use EasyVFR 4 to download all their data onto their Dynon USB stick on Windows, macOS, and iOS. Similar to how the FFM users with Dynon SkyView already could.
  • IMPROVED: As requested by many EasyVFR 4 will now display more placenames at lower zoom levels.
  • IMPROVED: Various Breadcrumb & Logbook issues.
  • IMPROVED: Greece VFR reporting points that have an ID with a length of exact 5 will now be filed via RocketRoute using their coordinates instead of their ID to avoid conflicts with IFR waypoints with the same ID but located at a totally different location than their Greece VFR counterpart.
  • FIXED: When tapping on the map activating the QuickInfo wheel ->  then choose Waypoints -> and then tap the [Add waypoint] icon in front of the temporary user waypoint created. The user will now get a message this is only possible with EasyVFR Live or higher app licenses.
  • FIXED: When rubberbanding EV4 will now snap to user waypoints also.
  • FIXED: When Windbarbs or cloud cover was enabled on the map without SIGWX also enabled, then windbarbs and/or cloudbase symbols would not be rendered until SIGWX was turned on.
  • FIXED: When tapping [Restore Purchase] during credentials entering on iOS, EV4 would launch EULA agreement instead of actually restoring any purchases done in the past.
  • FIXED: When launching a menu option from a submenu the main menu would not get closed if needed.
  • FIXED: Users with a large number of logbook entries could experience random crashes.
  • FIXED: When entering a user email, login name, or password any leading, trailing, or containing spaces are now automatically removed.
  • FIXED: Aircraft Profiles:- fixed bug that changed fuel type to avgas if just viewing easy mode performance data.



Apple iOS, iPadOS, M1 and M2 macs

  • Minimum requirements:
    • 64-bit and 2GB RAM. Effectively:
      • iPad Air 2 and higher.
      • iPad Mini 4 and higher.
      • iPhone 6S and higher.
    • The iPad Mini 5, 6, and iPad Pro perform extremely well.
  • Download
    1. Install the Apple TestFlight app via the Apple AppStore.

    2. Go to the following URL to download the latest version of EasyVFR 4 via TestFlight:


Windows desktop

macOS High Sierra and up

      • Intel macs on Big Sur and Monterey need to have the latest macOS version 11.6.1 or 12.0.1 or higher installed.
      • M1 macs can download via the iOS AppStore.
    • Minimum requirements:
      • Most 64-bit macOS versions. E.g. High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina. BigSur 11.6.1 and Monterey 12.0.1 and up.
      • M1 macs can download via the iOS AppStore.
    • Download:
    • Installation instructions:
      1. After downloading the DMG file, open it and drag the EasyVFR 4 icon into the Applications folder. EasyVFR 4 is now available via Launchpad.
      2. When you get the message " can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store" choose [Open in Finder] from that popup, then right-click on and choose open. Now the same popup will appear, now with a [Open] button.
      3. From there on you can launch EasyVFR 4 from the launchpad without this warning.
      4. With every update, you need to redo step 2.
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