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Beta 4.1.421 (1JUL2023) Suggest a Scenic Sights & Android Improvements

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Dear Aviators,

We're thrilled to announce the latest update to EasyVFR 4! 🚀 This new version not only delivers the anticipated Sahere Scenic Sights and some routine bug fixes but also features significant improvements in stability and usability for Android devices.


🛠️ Major Stability Improvements for Android

Have you experienced instability with EasyVFR on your Android device? Our devoted team of developers has been rigorously working to address and fix the root causes. Significant improvements were implemented in our previous beta version. Thanks to invaluable field data and feedback from our beta testers, we can now confidently affirm that we have resolved the intermittent crashing issues that were previously affecting several Android models. The latest field data is encouraging, indicating that EasyVFR on Android now matches the reliability of its iOS counterpart! We eagerly anticipate your feedback.


🌍 Share Your Scenic Sights with the EasyVFR Community!

Following the introduction of Scenic Sights, we are taking the next exciting step in enriching your VFR flying experience. We're thrilled to launch our new 'Share Your Scenic Sights' feature!

Did you fly over a picturesque landscape or a historical monument that's worth sharing? Or perhaps a majestic castle, an awe-inspiring natural formation, or a hidden gem that only locals know about? Now, you can share these captivating waypoints with fellow aviators!

Our new tool lets you input your location details. It's as easy as describing the sight, providing its exact coordinates, and sharing a photo to bring your entry to life. To help you get started we have also added some AI magic. 

📷 How to share?

You can suggest a sight from within our app, at any place where a sight is shown. Please note, all entries are subject to moderation before being displayed publicly, ensuring all shared locations are safe, accessible, and visually intriguing.

  1. Via EasyVFR 4 menu -> Preferences -> Suggest a Scenic Sight.
  2. Via any place where an existing sight is shown in the app.
  3. Directly visit:

👉 How to enable Scenic Sights?

  1. To enable navigate to EasyVFR 4 menu -> Preferences -> Enable Scenic locations. Since it is a beta feature you'll be signed up as a beta tester.
  2. Update All Data via Status dot -> Data -> AeroData -> [Update All Data].
  3. Now when you create a route, sights will appear along your route.


We eagerly await your feedback on the new stability and the scenic sight feature.


Team EasyVFR 4




  • NEW: The P/B/D option in the Search window now accepts either a 'T' or 'M' suffix for Bearing, indicating whether to use True or Magnetic bearing, respectively. In the absence of a specified suffix, 'True' is the default.
  • NEW: The Menu->Preferences now includes an option for submitting a scenic sight.
  • CHANGED: The options for Beta Tester activation and displaying unlicensed features have been relocated to the EasyVFR 4 menu -> System.
  • FIXED: Items within the Instrument ribbon that contain time (e.g., Current Time, ETA, ETO) were not accurately represented due to an issue with internal mantissa overflow.
  • FIXED: The density altitude calculation was previously inaccurate when a nearby METAR contained numerous '////' in its report.
  • FIXED: The Instrument ribbon items 'EET Dest' and 'EET Next' did not function properly when 'Seconds' was selected as the unit.

Below are release notes from beta versions since the last public App Store release:

  • NEW: Introduction of the AeroData Layer with Scenic Sights.
  • NEW: Easy integration of Scenic Sights as waypoints to routes.
  • NEW: Detailed information is available for each Scenic Sight.
  • NEW: Beta testing for the new AeroData layer.
  • NEW: Support for new aircraft types: Trike, Paramotor, Paraglider, Balloon, Autogyro.
  • NEW: Inclusion of all Canadian provinces in EasyVFR 4, with AeroData, geographical data, METARs & TAFs, and NOTAMs.
  • FIXED: When reversing a route and then filing that route would result in the calculations of FIR border times to still holding the ones from the original flight.
  • FIXED: Sometimes Dynon Data Exchange ended up in an endless loop waiting for EFB catalog data
  • FIXED: On newer Android devices a small area at the top and bottom of the screen was not used.
  • FIXED: When using uAvionix SkyEcho EC device together with SafeSky this duplicate filtering did not work.
  • FIXED:Flight plan Filing: - Previously VFR was specifically allowed as flight plan level. But this is now being rejected by RR. So now VFR is no longer allowed as a level and gets a specific message.
    FIXED: Previous beta did not download TAFS for FIRs NOT stsarting with and E
    FIXED: Rendering of NOTAM polygons when defined by Eurocontrol (only the first 36 points would be rendered)
    FIXED: When Scenic Locations are turned off using menu->Preferences->Collect Scenic Locations the map will now immediately be re-rendered without the scenic locations rendered before.
  • IMPROVED: Implemented a safetynet when loading a route from disk where it checks if the lat/lon for the found location is near the location specified in the routefile. If not, then it create a user waypoint instead of using the found object
  • IMPROVED: Airspace Labeling performance
  • IMPROVED: Improved AutoRouting when the option "lowest terrain"is enabled. IT no longer stops at the first route found but also tries some higher cruise altitudes (up to 2000ft in steps of 500ft) to see if a route can be found that is at least 10% shorter in distance.
  • IMPROVED: The minimum device RAM requirements for the Scenic Sights option is reduced from 3.5mb RAM to 2.0MB RAM, lets see if this still works then.





📱 Mobile & Tablet


🍏 iOS, iPadOS, and Apple Silicon Mac

Minimum requirements:

  • 64-bit and 2GB RAM.


  • iPad Air 2 and higher.
  • iPad Mini 4 and higher.
  • iPhone 6S and higher.

The iPad Mini 5 and newer, and any iPad Pro perform extremely well.

Download Steps:

  1. Install the Apple TestFlight app via the Apple AppStore.
  2. Go to the following URL to download the latest version of EasyVFR 4 via TestFlight.
    👉 Open the EasyVFR 4 page in the Apple TestFlight app


🤖 Android

IMPORTANT: Devices with the old 32-bit Android OS are not supported

Minimum requirements:

  • 64-bit OS, +3GB RAM. Android 10 and higher is advised.

We have good results with:

  • Huawei MediaPad M5.
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (except  SM-T810).
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, S6, and higher.
  • Most modern smartphones.

Download Options:


💻 Desktop and Laptop

🪟 Windows

Minimum requirements:

  • 32-bit, 2GB RAM, Windows 8 and higher is advised.

Download: Download EasyVFR 4 for Windows


🍏 Apple Silicon Mac

See the iOS version.


🍎 Intel Macs

IMPORTANT: Intel Macs on Big Sur and Monterey need to have the latest macOS version 11.6.1 or 12.0.1 or higher installed.

Intel-based Macs can only install the below .dmg file and need to follow the below instructions.

Minimum requirements:

  • Most 64-bit macOS versions. E.g. High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina. BigSur 11.6.1 and Monterey 12.0.1 and up.
  • Apple Silicon M1 and greater macs can download via the iOS AppStore.

Download: Download EasyVFR 4 for Intel macs

Installation instructions:

  1. After downloading the DMG file, open it and drag the EasyVFR 4 icon into the Applications folder. EasyVFR 4 is now available via Launchpad.
  2. When you get the message " can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store" choose [Open in Finder] from that popup, then right-click on and choose open. Now the same popup will appear, now with a [Open] button.
  3. From there on you can launch EasyVFR 4 from the launchpad without this warning.
  4. With every update, you need to redo step 2. 🔄
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Hi, i am using the latest Easy VFR Beta .421 on multiple devices. As well I have a Save Sky account, which is valid until 19.05.2024.

If I need to use SaveSky in Easy VFR, on some devices I can use it on some, they saying the license are expired with a date in the past.

so, why it is working on some devices (all Apple Devices) and on some not. All Save Sky Apps on all devices are the actual versions and the license is valid.

How can I manage, it is working?

thank you




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Hi Konrad,

Allow me to give here on the forum a general message. I will send you an email with specific details on your licenses.

I believe that you have a SafeSky Premium license purchased via SafeSky instead of us. Not a problem but you do need to send the SafeSky license end-date to the installed EasyVFR app. This can be done with a simple button press inside the SafeSky app.

See the bottom section  "How to use my SafeSky Premium license bought at SafeSky in EasyVFR?" at

In short:

  1. Open the SafeSky App and tap the blue hamburger button to open the menu.
  2. Navigate to Traffic Sharing Settings and tap on None (or on the name of the app with which it is sharing)
  3. Select EasyVFR from the list and tap on "Connect with EasyVFR". The EasyVFR 4 app will be opened and your subscription end date will be received.
  4. To ensure that you are sending and receiving data from SafeSky, tap on the Status dot (red/amber/green) in EasyVFR. Then, tap on Traffic and scroll down to enable "Share own location with SafeSky" and "Get Traffic from SafeSky".


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