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Audio alerts when training in local area

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I am not sure of what the solution is here but I was hoping we could come up with something:

I have audio warnings set on for airspace, NOTAMs and traffic (via an EC device). Most of the time this is brilliant however when instructing close to back airfield and conducting many turns, it keeps going off to warn about an aerial sports, or MATZ, or ATZ, or restricted as we change heading and each of those items becomes within a couple of miles of the aircraft. We have lots of these such sites in the area and it starts to de-value the audio alerts when there are so many that are unnecessary. I don't really want to turn them off because when we go further afield and are not conducting exercises involving turns (i.e. off airfield landings, autos, steep turns, vortex ring) then they are really valuable.

Maybe a suppress airspace alerts when within Xnm of base on a local flight only?

Or perhaps disable alerts for specific sites permanently rather than just for the 5 min or 24hour?

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Stewart Buckingham
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Andrew, both in EV3 and in EV4 there is already a facility to suppress the airspace warning within a user-selectable distance (default - 5nm) of your planned departure and/or arrival airfield. Would that fully, or at least "adequately" cover your requirement? Obviously a more complicated system could be set up where users could declare other "suppression centres" but we find ourselves continuously trying to balance on one hand the requests of users with particular "specialised" requirements against on the other a general trend we see in user feedback that EasyVFR is too complicated with too many user-configurable options.

If you want to experiment with the present alert suppression options, in EV4 you will find them at:

Menu>Alarms and warnings>Departure Range (and ... Arrival Range).

In EV3, you can find them at

Menu>NavTools>Warnings>Departure Auto-Suspend Distance (and ... Arrival Auto-Suspend Distance)




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@deeahbtinternet-com That feature is not far off what I was looking for but it would need constantly adjusting pretty much before every flight and it will also suppress warnings for some of the airspace that I would like to keep (higher level class A). I was hoping for something a little more refined. The feature to suppress warnings for 5 mins and 24 hours is pretty much perfect, it just needs a "permanently" or 6 month ish option

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