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Camera altitude vs. airport details

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Please improve the airport detail display at different zoom levels.

presently at around 10NM, most glider fields are labeled in full name, while the airports don’t even carry the icao code.

5C26671B 46F0 448B BC01 19A504E38AF6

when zooming in, the details increase.  ICAO code, then the name, then the frequencies.

when zooming in further, the frequencies are removed again.  Why?


in the case of EDTY there is so much overlapping that it is difficult to find a readable zoom level.

Please note, that this particular airport has two icao codes, but is essentially the same business with the same frequencies.  

3C8643D0 ECE5 491C B2A2 B05CFF8341B2
E6FC79E5 EB1E 4529 BFE9 79F2417AAF18
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when zooming in further, the frequencies are removed again.  Why?

This is by design, to avoid ground features of the airfield getting cluttered by labels. It is strange however that in one of your screenshots EDTY has these frequencies not displayed, while EDTX has. That should have been surpressed also. 

I will investigate this and the other remarks asap.



Stewart Buckingham
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On the subject of details and zoom levels, there is a bug in runway depiction -   if the window is centred near a section of the runway, when zoomed in to the point that both ends of the runway become outside the visible screen boundary, the runway suddenly ceases to be drawn!

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