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choosing a route point

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From the infowheel > routeoption I chose the following example to add a point to my route list.

I have tapped in between some nearby airfields, which may be unavoidable at certain zoomlevel, and the aerodata list  is full of little towns and IFR waypoints (which  are deselected).  This is not the kind of info I find helpful.  When I deselect IFR, I don’t need their waypoints, and unless I am looking to impress someone in a small village, I am not looking for those either.

I assume most fliers would like to see a list of nearby Airports or VORs.

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Hmm, I guess you have again a point here. EV3 and the good old PocketFMS desktop indeed limited search to object types which the user had enabled on the map. Its plain stupidity this is not done by EV4 I must admit, lets try to implement that asap, its an easy fix.


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