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FLARM detected indicator

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On Easy VFR 3 there was a 'FLARM' notation on the screen when a traffic input was detected, this doesn't appear on EasyVFR 4. It's very reassuring to see it there when there's no other traffic on the screen and provides a warning if there is an issue. Can we have it back please?  

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Yeah, this is still a big todo thing UI wise. I talked about this with our UI guys, there are other things I would like to somehow monitor also like GPS position source etc. Something like a warninglight area with individual "lights" for these items that get lit when a status change occurs (no data from traffic source, switching from external to internal location source, lost or unreliable location etc). Up to now there have always been other priorities and the UI guru's haven't had any "brainstorming time" to come up with a proposal. I'm sure however this will  soon get done. 



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