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Question Flight not auto starting

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I fly paramotors and am trying to use easyvfr4 on my pixel 6 android phone.

I was under the impression that flight mode would start automatically when I took off, but this isn't happening.

I don't have any infofields, and have to manually press flight mode to start.

Any idea why? And what is the criteria for detecting flight starting? ( Presumably speed and altitude gain)

Perhaps a paramotor is below the speed threshold? 

Or is something else wrong?




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Stewart Buckingham
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Thanks for your question, Kevin. Flight Mode is triggered by speed, and to ensure it is not triggered just by fast taxiing, it starts at 25 knots. This suits most of our customers very well, but we are getting an increasing level of interest from paramotor pilots like yourself, and we are aware that having that speed is inconvenient for you and we are considering how we might change it if we could in the future create a "paramotor setting". What speed would be satisfactory for registering your take-off, and what speed for your landing?


In the meantime, I/m afraid you will need to manually select Flight Mode each time you fly.


Best Regards


Stu B

Team EasyVFR

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Thanks for the quick response.

It varies a lot a slow wing might be 10mph airspeed, a faster one 20mph.

Cruise varies from 20mph to 50mph.

Of course add in wind, and takeoff could be literally 2mph. I think it would have to be altitude based, but appreciate there.can be significant changes in that too. 


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Another related question .. why do we even need a flight/non flight mode?

From what I understand breadcrumbs are saved in either flight mode or standby mode.

So why restrict the info fields to just flight mode?

Are there any other differences between flight mode and standby mode or is it just the infofields? If so, I dont understand why you wouldn't just show them anyway?


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Hi Kevin,

Good question. Flying mode changes several behaviors compared to planning mode.

  • Auto center the map to your current position after 30 seconds.
  • Airspace and traffic warnings are enabled.
  • Several battery-saving tricks are enabled that can only be used when the screen is most likely not to be touched that often.
  • The default setting is to only track during flight mode. So that's for most
  • Relative terrain coloring can be used. Map Layers -> Terrain.
  • The Vertical Profile Viewer (VPV) shows the route ahead when you are strictly following your planned route. When not then it shows the VPV ahead of your current track.
  • Auto download of data is disabled to prevent extremely long downloads on weak connections.

These are the most important differences. If you have further questions, please let me know.


Cheers, Tim

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