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Map of Norway

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as far as I can see, the Norwegian Authorities offer a free use of their N50 topo maps. Is there any way that I could add this map data to the software, or you could add this as a feature in the app?

Link to the authorities web page:!#help  

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Hi Bård,

Thank you for sharing! My best Norwegian is as good as google can translate it 😉 For what I understand is this N50 map indeed free (not to say if we legally may use them commercially) but is it a geological map and not and not for aviation purposes. Is that what you want?

We are able to prepare digital maps to be used in our apps. But if it is worth our time and resources depend on how many users we can expect for it and the format they can deliver these maps in.

Can you tell me if this map is popular in Norway under your fellow aviators? And what the benefits would be having this map for flying in Norway?


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