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Route export and import to/from other apps

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Peter Jackson
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Hi Rob,

I've been trying the route export and import functions on and between iPad and iPhone.

The route import function seems to be work in progress...

Route export in GPX format seems to work well by AirDrop between tablet and phone to the following apps:

   ADL Connect (in-flight weather), EasyVFR 3 and 4, Memory Map, SkyDemon.

Is there any chance of exporting in GPLT format to the Garmin Pilot app? Achim’s website can do this so it seems theoretically possible, and from Garmin Pilot we can transmit routes via Connext to the Garmin GTN and GNS navigators.

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I tried to export route via XML. System told me in the end: " found exeption on such and such data file". No success!

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