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Question Runway Extension Feathers

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I like the ability to select a single runway to show the extension feathers at your arrival airport but it seems once selected I cannot find a way to un-select this feature.  I can change the runway at the particular airfield by simply selecting another runway but was only able to stop this by exiting the programme and restarting.  Tried cancelling the F/Plan, switching on all feathers and off again, tried tap and hold on the runway identifier but nothing worked.

Not a huge issue but anything you can turn on should be able to be turned off again if not required.



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Stewart Buckingham
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Thanks for raising this point, Alan - your post here is very timely! In the version we are currently testing internally you can click on the currently selected runway numbers in the aerodrome quick info pane to "turn off" its feathers. If all goes well we hope to release this version as a Public Beta within the next few days.



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