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Question Alternative for Xconn (plug to msfs2020)

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Is there any working freeware alternative app for Xconn when connecting to msfs2020?

I've been using Xconn for a while but ever since refreshing rate is low and above all it is droping connection with EV4 very often. It is just annoying.

I tried out other software like "fs2ff" or "MSFS 2020 GPS Link" but despite both send packets on the same UDP port 49002, EV4 doesn't see a thing.

BTW fs2ff was my main connectivity app for skydemon and it worked flawlessly. With Xconn it is less reliable performance.





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Hi Pawel, 


There is some new stuff cooking regarding xconn's FS2020 the upcoming weeks. About the other tools you mention, I don't know these, but port 49002 is probably not the correct port to use, this is a port defined for X_Plane and Prepar3D. Try port 4000 using UDP (not TCP) instead.


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Hi Rob,

Many thanx for Your spot-on advice about switching to port 4000. Xconn performs far more better now. And happy to hear that some upgrades are coming too!! 😀 



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Hello. As already mentioned here, MSFS2020 via UDP port is also specified as GPS localization in EasyVFR. As I am not an IT expert, is there a comprehensible guide (e.g. PDF) to setting up the connection?

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop in and share some cool stuff we've been working on with Ubi Sumus and EasyVFR 4.

New Tool: FSConny for MSFS2020
We've got this new tool called FSConny. It makes EasyVFR 4 work better with MSFS2020. The coolest part? You can now see the traffic from MSFS2020 right in EasyVFR 4. It’s pretty neat and makes things feel more real.

Updates for All Simulators
And it’s not only for MSFS2020. We’ve improved EasyVFR 4 for all the simulators we support. We wanted to make your sim flying smoother and more fun.

Youtube Video

We also made a video to show you how to use your simulator to act like a GPS for EasyVFR 4. It’s handy for practicing real flights or just flying in the sim. You should definitely check it out.

Documentation and Downloads
All the info, downloads for FSConny, and the video are over at .

Hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do. Happy flying and happy holidays!



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