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Traffic indication

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Using iPad with SkyEcho2. Generally working well. A few major issues though:

1. Targets disappear at times and then suddenly return. I think EV4 ought to keep them for a while longer even if SkyEcho seems to think they are gone.

2. Magenta line overlays the targets. Really bad when this blocks the view to the altitude of the target.

3. The font of the target is really hard to read. Too small. Need an option to enlarge it, especially when target is close by. I need to know the altitude! Really hard to read, especially in combination with #2.

4. Sometimes it shows jets when it's a prop plane. No idea why.

This is really critical functionality. Flarm targets with their low range may give me just a few seconds to figure out how to handle them. #2/#3 are a real problem in those situations.

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Stewart Buckingham
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Thanks for your thoughts, Andre.

#1 is a good idea, though it would be essential to show somehow (symbol size, or colour?) that the symbol was based on non-current data.

#2 Likewise a very good idea which I will flag for attention

#3, though, is entirely under your control (and always has been). If you tap Menu>System>readability, you will find a menu that allows you to adjust the size of just about every item that makes up the display. Specifically there are two items "Electronic Conspicuity Symbols" and "Electronic Conspicuity Info Text". Initially the settinsg are set according to screen size and pixel resolution, but depending on how close your eyes are to the screen (and your personal preference) you may need to adjust the settings.

#4 - the symbol shown is determined by the aircraft "emitter category" the broadcasting aircraft is sending out. For the full categories, please see FAA advisory circular ac 20-165b section, but please note that whether an aeroplane has jet, turboprop or piston engines does NOT control what emitter category should be used (and hence which symbol we display) - apart from for sailplanes, balloons, etc, the category is primarily driven ONLY by weight. (The exceptions are there is also a check on whether the aircraft can sustain 5G (hence military fighters get a different category and symbol), and also on whether for its weight the aircraft generates an unusually strong vortex wake  -currently only the Boeing 757 is in that category). So any piston or turboprop with a max weight of over 75,000 lb (~34,000Kg) will correctly show as the same symbol as a jet airliner. (Also it is not entirely unknown for an aircraft to have its ADSB set up with its emitter category mis-configured! - though that is perhaps unlikely for a commercial aircraft)





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why can we not have the relative height audio of traffic as broadcast by Pilot Aware to save looking at the screen instead of out of the window

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