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[Gelöst] Traffic warnings

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So I have a Stratux on my network. EV4 auto-detected this, very neat! I also really like the graphics depiction of the planes. The shadow/halo makes it look really neat.

It scared the sh*t out of me when a booming voice warned me I had traffic coming at me. That's odd. There was traffic alright, but it was 33000 ft overhead. I've not seen any settings to adjst the lateral distance for warnings. Is this setting missing, or hiding somewhere?

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There is no setting for lateral distance for traffic warnings. EV4 calculates track of the traffic and if on collision course with own track with a risk of colision within 60 seconds and within 2000ft vertical EV4 will give a warning. 


With menu->system->electronic conspicuity settings you can set wether EV4 only warns when the device gives a warning if it is capable of doing so)  or also using the above conditions. You can try to play with these settings to see if the warning is stratux initiated or EV4 initiated


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