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Another year passed...
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Another year passed and I still have problems with EasyVFR4...

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Hello. So I have checked what is new in EasyVFR after a year and I have to say that it seems even worse. Here are my comments:

- the application is now slow beyond use. Comparing to it, EasyVFR 3 is very fast and fluid. EVFR4 takes second to respond to finger draws and 5-8 seconds to recreate screen with all overlays. Especially when yellow or purple routes are present. Even with all overlays turned off! My tablet is about 2 Years old but it makes me think I should throw it away...

- screen moving still leaves empty rectangles at edges that are redrawn later

- automatic route planning still does not find route as good as EVFR3 does. In fact, when optimizing a simple route made of 4 waypoints I got message that route could not be created, while EVFR3 found route exactly how I fly it 

- FLARM airplanes do not show move vectors

- did not find option to remove google map overlay other than killing and restarting the app

- did not find a way to get rid off of (i) B airport mark after I created it by mistake on upper right edge of screen


I thought that the only advantage is automatic temporary airspaces, but Today when comparing  I found that even that is incorrect. You can go to and search for X0899/22

So I will still stick with EVFR3, sorry for that. I appreciate the effort and years of work, but for me personally, I would find EVFR3 with automatic AIS view much more useable.


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Stewart Buckingham
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I'm very sorry that you are having so much frustration with EasyVFR4, Jan. I really struggle to understand your problems because, although inevitably EasyVFR4 has not yet reached the level of optimisation that we built up in EaysVFR3 over its ~12 year life, the sluggishness you report is just not at all typical of other users' experience, and I'm scratching my head to think what may be different in your set up. I see you mention the absence of a vector with FLARM targets. What Electronic Conspicuity equipment do you use with EasyVFR4, and what settings have you set for it? We are aware that setting inappropriate settings can have a devastating effect on every aspect of the responsiveness of EasyVFR4 so a problem in that area may well lie at the root of your diverse difficulties. Certainly somehow something in your set-up is consuming about ten times the amount of processing load than should be necessary, and inappropriate EC settings can indeed do just that!


Best Regards



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Hello Stu. "Electronic Conspicuity equipment do you use with EasyVFR4" - I actually developed software server, that is running on same device on IP in Python and is collecting aircraft data from internet and serving it to EasyVFR. I have described it in some other post. But that has not effect on speed - even if the server is turned off the app is sooo slow. Let mi put it this way. When dragging map by finger - in EasyVFR3 the FPS I estimate is around 15. In EasyVFR4 - about 0.3FPS. That is 45 times slower! I just hope you will continue to supply aerodata updates to EasyVFR3 until I will be too old for flying 🙂


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Hi Stuart,

Your comments to Jan re EC settings are interesting.

I run EV3 ( IpadMini2)in parallel with a separate tablet (Samsung Galaxy S2) running Ev4. ( usually latest Ev4 version).

For EC I have fully installed Power FlarmFusion in the aircraft receiving and displaying ADSB, PowerFlarm/Flarm and Mode S traffic.

Having checked numerous times EC Settings as far as I can tell are the same in Ev4 as Ev3.

The issue..

I have reported this previously but occasionally I see traffic displayed on Ev3 that does not appear at all on Ev4!

The question is why?....It does not appear to be any particular Mode Flarm/ADSB/Mode S traffic that doesn't display. It is just that Ev4 does not always display the same traffic that Ev3 does.

Maybe I have something not set the same ...i don't know?

Any ideas/thoughts would be welcomed.





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