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Feedback First user feedback for v4.1.404 android

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i begun playing around with easyvfr at 14:00, on the ground (so i didn't test anything in the air), i tried it on a pixel4a and a medion basic tablet....

first of all, the learning curve is quite steep, no easy at all (compared to sdvfr and enroute that i use otherwise)

the seamless scrolling is nice, the amount of shown info IMHO too much, and as a beginner i don't know how to unclutter....

what doesn't help, quickstart tutorial and yt videos show an interface that is not my reality.... so exit those and try to find out by myself.....

fiddling with easyvfr on my smartphone got very soon quite old, i tried the tablet....

stopped with the tablet, besides the speed at which the battery is drained, the response times are over-frustrating....

back on the phone, tried to make a route.... no way to find the route planner.... so trying on the map itself....

unlike the documentation, where there is a route navigation menu, my starting point is at my home, i can't select my aerodrome as starting point.... well ok.... lets say i fly from home, and my aerodrome is my first waypoint 🙁

i like to set my waypoints at approx 10min a part, well , can't change the scale.... i have now to reason in nm.....


so i made a route.... but i can't save it.... and swishing back and forth on the small screen, i often push the app into the background.... route lost each time it happens.... slow startup, and no route when the app restarts.... if this happens on route... :'(

got fed up, the phone is on the powersource too since a moment now, why is the powerdrain so high? my other nav apps let me do 4h of nav before drying the battery up??

and i import a nav from sdvfr, ok, the messages say that workde nice! where the hell is my nav? reimport, easyvfr complains that this nav is allready imported.... well.... i don't see it, can't select any other nav, can't save or delete the actual one....

went to get help from the guys who told me to use easyvfr (well now i am at the aerodrome... it still kept the starting point at my house :O ) besides them making fun of me about the fact that they use ios and me android, nothing productive comes out, they are unable to use my version of easvfr too.....


my asking ruther, on their version, i asked them to show me how to use vors and how to issue a printable nav log, no clue, and sine i am sending my feedback, some from them:

how to save and share a recorded navigation trace?


that's it for me, unless i am somehow able to extract at least the minimum usability that i have with my actual apps my adventure with easyvfr will stop here....

this feedback was send

Screenshot 20230515 170644

since i am an advocate of you can't complain if you didn't ask 




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Hi bboett,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to EasyVFR.

You're correct in noting that our current route planning video and tutorial don't cover all the newly added features. Importantly, they refer to the Pro Route planning options, which aren't included in your forever-free Essentials license. The Route button on the bottom bar is part of the Pro Route planning tools.

Route with the free EasyVFR Essential
With Essentials, you can create a simple route. We're working on a tutorial for this.

Essentially, you can do a direct-to or add a waypoint by tapping on the map and choosing the route button, or use the search menu. The route information will then be listed in the white route bubble below the vertical profile. Here, you can stop the route, and share the route with any other EasyVFR user.

Pro features
Saving waypoints, routes, aircraft profiles, weight and balance, and other features are part of EasyVFR Pro. For more details, please see our Pricing & Plans:

If you'd like to increase the size of the route line on the map, you can go to the EasyVFR 4 menu -> Preferences -> Readability. Here, you can customize the sizes of almost any element as you wish.

Regarding battery usage, EasyVFR's consumption depends on user interaction. When flying, EasyVFR enters a power-saving mode since constant interaction isn't required. In most cases, 4 hours of usage is perfectly achievable.

I've also received your message via email. I'd be happy to continue our conversation there and arrange for you to try the Pro license.

Best regards,

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