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Hey all together, 

This will be my first post as a beta tester. 

I know, actually it is a beta version but as german native I prefer the app in german. Many translations from english to german are very strange, so if you want, I could help you to translate in german.

One more thing is the location of the exit button. May this should be easier to find. 


And last but not least for today. I miss a button to push the moving map back to my position if I roll over the map until I fly, and maybe a arrow in flight direction which indicates my position in 5 minutes, calculated with my speed. 


Best regards from germany, 



PS: tomorrow I will check the EV4 in flight


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Hi Michael! 

Thanks for your feedback. German translation is currently beeing worked on by a native German pilot, so you can expect this to be improved soon. 

Regarding the exit button, IMHO there is no need to put that in a prominent position. iOS and Android don't really require to exit the app, just put it to the background and reactivate when needing again. In fact Apple even forbids the use of an exit button! 

When you enter EasyVFR4 in flying mode (the button with the purple planesymbol at the bottom of the screen) and start flying, EasyVFR will display a trackline in front of the planesymbol. Each marker on that line represents 2 minutes, and the entire line represents 10 minutes (there are 5 markers). Also when you pan arround in flightmode, a yellow Arrow appears, and when you tap the part with the numbers EasyVFR4 will auto-recenter the map to your current plane position. 



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Hi Rob;

Thank you for the answers.
Normally, I never leave the app via an exit button but let it run in the background, as mentioned by you. It just baffled me because the "exit application" feature is hidden in the menu.

Yesterday I spent the first hours with the app in the air and I'm thrilled. As soon as the remaining functions such as purchased approach charts (German) work well, this app will put everything else in the shade.

I will continue to test and give feedback, should I notice something.

Many Greetings,

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