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Done Add Google sat maps and OpenStreetMaps

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In my flying operation, I need to fly to specific locations, which I normally pick from Google Earth and OpenStreetMap. I would like to be able to have an overlay of one of those maps available in high resolution, so you could see a specific house or object on the map and make a waypoint out of it.

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With a fairly low resolution, it might be possible to download a whole area of choice.  Then EV4 could even be useful in non-supported countries.  

The trouble is, that presently the app does not work well outside Europe.  I would be grateful if you can fix that.  It should not be too complicated to calculate time and distance  from one user fix to another.  But presently the app behaves strangely and often crashes.


EV3 supports overlaying Google Maps tiles for a long time already, and its very easy to implement that in EV4 too. Its just there are too many items "easy to implement" on the wishlist , it hard to prioritize ;-).


@leif Last two weeks we spent a lot of time using FSX as simulator to EV4 for crash&freeze causes hunting. We did find a few fixes as usual, so maybe your "long distance" trips are more reliable with the upcoming version also. In any case I will change the cessna 172 with an Airbus 3xx next week in the FSX sim and play a bit 😉



High res Google sat view of a smaller area than EV3 would be brilliant


Google sat now implemented on EV4 and is loads better than EV3.....much clearer

(use the search function then hit the Google pin, find the place then tap the map icon. It remains in place until restart of the software.)

well done all


Great new feature, thank you very much!

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