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Done BreadCrumbs

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Basic Breadcrumbs features like showing on the map, exporting to Google Earth.


Bernhard Petri 21 März 2019 09:06

would be great if evfr could directly convert the file on the device instead of uploading it to the cloud.

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It would be nice to see height included also.

Karl Erik Nielsen 17 Juni 2019 17:35

As I archive those files as documentation it would be nice if they could be transferred between multiple devices using “the cloud” in the same way as logbook in ev3


It woudl be nice to include altitude and to be able to export as an excel or .CSV file.


I'm not concerned with exporting but I would like to be able to select more than one to show on a map - just nice to be able to see a whole day or a whole trip and screenshot it. 



If you could export and re-import it would  be trivially easy to merge several together (or edit out any bits you wanted to miss) and then view the resultant edited file!


Is it so that EVFR4 does not (yet) have a BreadCrumbs -feature at all like 3.97 have?


Thanks for raising this, Luukko, at this stage the breadcrumbs have not yet been incorporated into V4, but they are on our "to do" list!


Best regards


Stu B

EasyVFR BetaCrew


bread crum files still not yet incooperated?

Tim Peter 19 August 2019 18:59

@louis Hi Norbert,

Not yet... but it is high on the development to-do list. Thank you for your patience!



Hi Tim; I've read all comments ref breadcrum files and strongly agree with them!



Hi Tim, is Logbook feature still on to do list or just activated when flight is terminate


Tim Peter 10 September 2019 13:08


Hi Norbert, thank you for showing your interest. We are working on it. We have still some technical difficulties to overcome to be able to log when the app is in flight mode but on the background/ locked screen. Android just came with some new rules so we have to digest those. Once that is sorted out in a couple of weeks Breadcrumbs and logging are going to be implemented step by step.



  1. Thank you Tim, no sweat, I stay patient! 



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