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EFIS aerodata building

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For the Frequent Flyer Member Subscriber, the worldwide MGL EFIS database currently downloadable from the PocketFMS web site is so big that it dramatically slows down the MGL Voyager and Odyssey EFISs.

That’s why we use to build our own database by selecting the only FIRs we’re interested in, using for that the old and no more supported PocketFMS application.

As EasyVFR 4 aims to definitively replace the old PocketFMS application, I think it should include a similar function that allows the Frequent Flyer Member Subscriber to build his own EFIS database by including only the Countries he’s interested in.

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I don’t understand what I should vote.

It is ok for me to download a detailed database only for selected countries.  But I would like to see a basic map (no elevation) for the whole EU.   All airfields should be included, but no detailed map circle.

I don’t only do actual VFR flightplaning with EV, but I use it also just to play around.  On EV3 it is really nice to have the whole EU at hand.  Someone wants to know the name of the little airfield in italy?  Just look at EV3.


This topic is about the aerodata base provided by PocketFMS for the EFISs. If you are a Frequent Flying Member Subscriber, you can get an up to date database every 28 days to feed your EFIS. This database is compiled for the EFIS in an appropriate format. It’s not at all the EV database.

Currently, there are two ways to get this EFIS database: the first one is to download it directly from the PocketFMS web site but in that case you get a worldwide database (sized more than 65MO) without any possibility to reduce it; the second one is to build the EFIS database by using the old and no more supported PocketFMS application which allows you to select the FIRs you want to include inside the database and so get a smaller database (about 23 MO for the whole Europe).

With the huge 65MO database, the MGL EFIS slows down dramatically each time it needs to search inside the database. That’s why we need the reduced size.

PocketFMS announced that once the EV4 officially produced, the old PocketFMS will be definitively unusable. This is the reason why I'm asking this building EFIS database function (by selecting the countries) to be included inside EV4.

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