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Suggestion Suggestion on Trip Kit design and name

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myTripkit.pdf —> why not use the name of the route loaded...

Look & Feel of the pdf. —> still the same as EV3–> update it. In the advertisement it states that EV3 is rebuild from the ground up... : use other colors, lettertypes and even templates... This one for example I really like it for planning purposes:

I especially like the way you can fold the document for ‘inflight’ purposes...:-)


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Hi Piet,

Thank you for your suggestion and I have moved it here to the feature UpVoting section.



Very good idea.


I hope it is OK to hijack this thread, if you think my question is unrelated, I'll happily open a new one.


There is already one other question dealing with the layout of the trip kit and asks for a different layout:


I would like to ask a more general question: does the underlying technology allow for changing the

layout easily or is a change of e.g. a font or line spacing etc. something which requires much

development time and is thus not easily achieved?


My personal reason is that an A5 print output of the trip kit has fonts which sometimes become too

small for my 50+ year old eyes and I would much appreciate slightly bigger fonts.

Would this be something which could be made to some extent configurable (i.e. like in the

'Readability' section of the settings)?


Thank you




Hi Kabiz, for some background info first see my reply at  

So unfortunately its not easy to "user adjust" things like fonts, fontsizes etc. Technically its easy to develop support for that, but the problems then only start, for example a lot of items don't fit anymore to have to get rearranged etc. 

A more flexible tripkit layout is definitely on our wishlist, but to be honest not very high on the priority list at the moment.


The current Nav Log is completely inappropriate.
certainly it outputs the main data segment by segment.
However personally and it seems to me that the columns: true track, true heading are of no use to us in flight. the one that interests us is the Magnetic Heading which certainly comes from the previous ones with wind drift.
The boxes are far too small to write in since, like almost everyone, we use an A5 format as a flying board!
As for the missing data, they are legion:
Frequencies, altitudes (min, nominal, max), customizable comments, segment or reporting point, etc.
As for the information, the fonts are unreadable, as for the beacons I think that with some exceptions this information is no longer useful to anyone (GPS has been there) however the frequencies would be more appropriate.
The data in the upper banner is a good idea but also unusable in a cockpit and incomplete missing QFU/code/Chrono/hora/QNH exchanged with the control.... and others with large boxes to write.
It would be good and judicious if the user could define a model of their choice (example Navigation of Foufou allows this). While offering a standard model. Or at least customize. I know this requires defining fields...
Currently I do not use your nav log after generation I export it to reimport it in a model according to my needs.
I will give you an example of e that I use.
I make this remark because a flight generation tool is made to prepare a flight it seems to me, it must therefore be able to generate the usable documentation which is necessary for the flight

NB What is library used for generated the tripkit?


Un exemple de log de nav


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