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Suggestion Improve Hide airspace at & above altitude input.

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The Altitude can only be toggled in 500 ft steps.  This is sometimes tedious tapping.

Better would be a scrolling or direct typing of the numbers.

Tim Peter 9 September 2019 14:07


Good one. The UI for editing the value can be improved here. The same goes for the toggles in the NOTAMs menu.

Since this is not a bug but a UI request I have moved it to this wishlist.



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It would be nice if the altitude limit would revert to the previusly set value after descending back below the limit. So many times I need to set it again after launching EV4 at FL370. Or perhaps it’s already incorporated (there is a line for a message about returning to the previous value in the translation file) but does’t work for some reason? Especially when EV4 is launched at altitude above the limit, then closed, then relaunched at sea level? That’s seems to be my use case 🙂

Tim Peter 10 September 2019 13:22


Hi Michal,

This is an interesting one. This is how it should work:
If the differences between the current altitude and the preset or the temporarly "Hide airspace at & above..." altitude,  is becoming less then 1000ft, the ceiling of the "Hide airspaces at & above" will be temporarily lifted by 2000ft. Once you have decended below the presented "Hide airspace at & above..." altitude it should be revert to the previously set value.

Obviously we didn't think about the user case where you start at FL370 🙂 We have to do some testing here. I have added it to the known issues:




Still an issue in 784.

A scrolling wheel to fling a few Thousand feet at once would help.  This is very helpful when EV is used to watch a flightpath during airline travel.

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