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List of popular V3 functions not YET available in V4

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It would be of great interest to the testers to see a list of V3 functions not currently provided in V4 with some sort of status comment such as:

  1. Currently under development
  2. Planned for inclusion soon
  3. Planned for inclusion but lower priority (probably not until after initial public release)
  4. Not seen as needed because V4 has better alternative facility
  5. Seen as probably not worth including

This would reassure users that their favourite functions had not been thrown away, and stop users wasting time and getting frustrated trying to do stuff that is not yet provided.

As an example, what is the intention for the green runway lead-in arrows (and the advisory height countdown numbers)?

Michael Schmitz 22 Juni 2019 17:58

Hi Stewart i Think this is a Good idea. I also Miss the green Runway arrows. 

Norbert Trenker 20 August 2019 19:20


Hi Stewart, completely agree, what I'm missing most was the very logic system on flight planning to determine "depart" "arrive" " insert" or " append". just appending doesn't mean arriving, The  same is true for a apart of any mode levels "Direct to" icon for quick reaction purpose.

Tim Peter 2 September 2019 13:24

Dear all, you can vote for the green ILS styled extensions with altitude readout here:

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3D View. I hope it will be implemented as well.

Tim Peter 2 September 2019 13:45

In essense eventually everything from EV3 will end up in EV4, in one way or the other. AFIK there is nothing in EV3 intended to get removed from EV4, its all just a matter of priority in developing/porting. That is why that list  is created. If a subject is not listed there, simply add it so others can upvote to influence priority. When a subject is started to get worked on the tittle gets [workingon] prefix and is made sticky.

I’ve added the runway centerline extensions and 3D mode there so these can now be upvoted too 😉


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