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Done METARs and TAFs

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METARs and TAFs as colour-coded circles on the map, WX page on the RoutePlanning window, tripkit

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sorry, I can’t find any wx info in v.4

Tim Peter 17 April 2019 19:44

Thanks for asking!
At this moment the German GAFOR is working. I will explain down below the steps to download and set the GAFOR in a series of print screens.

Other weather information is high on the development list as well. Since we are already receiving the other GAFOR regions in the Alps that wont take long. And of course, the high quality data from the Deutsche Wetter Dienst and TopMeteo is going to get a place. Rob is working on the basic wheater functionality it in the upcoming weeks.

gafor 1
gafor 2
gafor 3
gafor 4

But Tim,

the topic of this thread is METAR & TAF.  There are none in V4 so far.

Gafor  is also nice, but not part of this discussion.


greetings, Leif

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