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Note [Oben angepinnt] Help Decide - Prioritize the development by Upvoting

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Dear EasyVFR user,

Thank you for participating on our new EasyVFR 4 forums!
We look forward to hear what you think and learn from your experiences with EasyVFR 4.
Your input will help us to develop EasyVFR 4. But since our development resources are limited, we have to prioritize what gets done first. And your vote counts here! 
For this we have set up a simple voting system.

Beta testers forum upvoting explanation EasyVFR 4

Click on the listed features and up-vote them if you consider them very important! Also you can give additonal input by submitting a reply to the topic at hand. Upvoting can be done by clicking the upwards pointing arrow at the left side of the page.

Use aircraft settings  preferred airfield types  runway lengths  fuel  to filter unsuitable airfields on the map   – What still needs to be developed  help decide  – Beta testers forum

We look forward to hear from you and wish you a pleasant experience in our new on-line community!

Greetings from the EasyVFR crew.

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