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Under consideration Quick confirmation of data validity in the same window as the data itself is shown.

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I was wondering if there is a quick way to confirm that all the data is current?
I know we can go into the menu system and then view the "Downloads Menu" and then view each item but it would be really handy if there was a quick way to confirm from the main screen before going flying. The nature of the way I fly is many short flights during the day and quite easily the MET data can end up a few hours out of date. Then of course with poor internet connection it's possible that the NOTAMS can fail to load the following day so I have to go and force it to happen.

Maybe we could have a series of small green ticks and red crosses next to AD, M, N to represent Aero Data, MET, NOTAM. Or even just have those letters change colour. They could just overlay the map on the RHS under the airport button or maybe in the bottom toolbar?

Or some other way of making it so that there is no excuse for going flying when any data is out of date.


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Hi Andrew,

Since it is a function that probably more people are in need for, I have moved your question into this upvote section.

Currently, the only place where you can see the NOTMA and WX data validity is within the Downloads menu.

When you enable the WX layer however and the data is outdated the will be a text written on the right bottom of the screen. Also when NOTAM and or AUP data is outdated, the smartmap function to hide inactive airspaces will show all airspace again as if they are active.

When you create a Flight Briefing (TripKit) before your flight, the data validity will also be shown and you can update from there.

We do feel that we could improve the UI by adding something like a validity timestamp within the NOTAM and WX quick info window and the route planning menu.

Something like a small string of coloured text with the age just below the QI navigation dots.

Some examples lines:

  • "NOTAM age 00h17m - pull down to update"
  • "AeroData valid until 31AUG2020"
  • "WX age 06h35m - pull down to update"


If you like to have this UI enhancement, feel free to give it here an upvote. And let us know down below what you think of this suggestion.



Posted by: @timpeter

Some examples lines:

  • "NOTAM age 00h17m - pull down to update"
  • "AeroData valid until 31AUG2020"
  • "WX age 06h35m - pull down to update"

Yeah that seems like a sensible idea.

However in addition....

My suggestion was partially driven my my own experience of wanting to ensure data is up to date at a glance but also as a result of a number of recent conversations at UK airfield/operator/CAA safety meetings where it has been identified that there are pilots who will go flying using their moving map but without completing any pre-flight planning. They turn their tablet on and load the software and don't give any thought to the data perhaps not being current.

I have been able to confirm that this is the case by quizzing pilots when conducting their Proficiency Checks. In all of these instances, it simply hadn't occurred to them that the software might not have the current data. When quizzed further they were not sure how to confirm validity and indeed how to force a download (none where using EVFR by the way!).

Yes it would be great to have an easy way to confirm the information once you go looking and also to have pop-ups to notify a warning state but I thought it may also be valuable to easily see from the main NAV screen. Maybe as simple as 4 (or whatever number) green ticks down the side of the screen. A last minute check before take off.

None of the other moving map apps seems to have found a really reliable way of doing this (or at least no-one has been able to show me during tests)



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