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Suggestion Request for Improvement: Stable Mode-C/S traffic list

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While flying this weekend I saw several Mode-C/S warnings with aircraft call listed on the screen (upper left-hand corner) ranging from 1NM to 5NM. When there were two or  more at the same time, the list entries rapidly jumped all over the list, appearently being refreshed every time one of the planes was reported.

To keep the distraction down; Would it be possible to keep the sort order stable and only change the order when a plane gets added to the list or when an entry gets removed when it's no longer been heard? Perhaps with the exception when a plane moves to a closer circle?

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Hi Rob, Great question!

In order to sort the conspicuity banners from the received Mode-C/S signals, they have to get an ID from the receiver. I might be that the Stratux you use does this, but at this point, we are not sure.

I have moved your request to this Upvote list so that we won't forget to work this out eventually. We need to investigate all the different methods that are used by the supported different conspicuity receivers.



Rob Turk Themenstarter 23 September 2019 15:27


Thanks Tim. In this case the conspicuity device is a PilotAware, running the latest release code.

For testing at home I use a Stratux which doesn't support Mode-C/S reporting

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