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[Geschlossen] request list part 1

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- easy search function (other than direct to)

- user waypoint feature that allows custom entry via lat/lon, or FMS style relative bearing distance LSZH/137/8.5nm type input

- more vertical navigation features (not VPV). remaining distance to descend to pattern altitude vs vertical speed, projected top of climb, engine out gliding range, 3° glide etc...

- performance features like optimum flight level (wind vs fuel/performance etc...)

- remote control / synchronize / data sideload between multiple easyvfr devices

- autopilot serial output

- trigger to immediately recenter to airplane symbol feature after panning around

- jump to lat/lon (possibly combined with either search function or user waypoint editor)

- EFB data manager which checks validity / manages downloads/revisions

- include more IFR waypoints in a separate layer (procedures vs enroute)

- improve bearing distance measuring tool, optional time to go based on current GS

- 640x480 scaling support

- airport symbols different for glider, heliports, water airfields

- the color coded airplane symbol from pfms desktop should be reintroduced (depending on gps connection state [flarm] etc...)

- link to google earth / google maps from any position, especially on desktop version.

- remote control interface, why not as a mini webserver?

- configurable hotkeys/shortcuts

- up/down/left/right/tab/enter/escape type keyboard control

- some kind of checklist feature. could also be handled via e.g. a pdf that can be shown and hidden from the main app.

- efis features (upload, data export, download of efis logs etc...)

- show link to most recent breadcrumb access during app start (for post flight review etc...)

- support android "back" button/function

- improve flarm functions. "radar" warner inset and info about other targets.

- onmouseover graphics effect on buttons (desktop version)



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Oh no! Bernie is online again ;-). @flyvans-com, please create one forum post for each individual wish so other users can upvote such a single wish and not upvote your entire 3-year wishlist. 


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