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Done Tap to recenter map on current position (in planning mode)

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after panning around the map / using e.g. the show on map feature, it should be easy to manually trigger a re-centering of the viewport to the current gps position.

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I agree something is needed. I personally was very happy with the way EV3 did it (yellow "paddle"/"arrow") in flight mode only. I'm nit sure there is huge need to be able to re-centre in planning mode, but PERHAPS the plane symbol button (that offers manual mode selection) coudl also re-centre to plotplane? 


Full ACK. The map being off-position is annoying in planning mode, and a security issue in flight mode.


Implemented by tapping on the North pointer top left of the screen. When re-centering is possible 4 little triangles will be shown arround the North arrow, and a tap will recenter the map to the current plane position then.




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