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Done User waypoint definition / DB

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The user waypoints need to be better manageable.

Interface to create, edit, delete, list and rename user waypoints.

The editing should also allow custom entry via lat/lon coordinates, or FMS style relative bearing distance LSZH/137/8.5nm type inputs.

Also, the loading/import of a waypoints.txt as in the old desktop software should be somehow supported.

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I don't see any support for user waypoints at the moment. Am I missing something? In particular, the ability to import all the user waypoints from EasyVFR 3 would be a start (e.g. import the kml file generated by exporting them from EVFR3).


Hi Vince, user waypoints are indeed not yet implemented, sorry. Thats why they are still on this "what still needs to be developed" list with upvoting possibilites so we get a rough idea where we should focus on first. 


Per-Åke Persson 4 Mai 2019 16:39

I support the prioritization of user waypoint management. possibility to create, rename, edit position, import from easyvfr 3 etc.


I also consider useful to be able to classify an inserted way point.

For example being able to insert a way point as an airport, with orientation of the runway, type of bottom, length, etc.

This is to make it appear as such, with its orientation projection, etc.

Data not necessary to insert, instead, other types of points of interest


I would also support user waypoints since I fly into private strips not on the charts


Also, it is useful to be able to define a user waypoint as an “airfield” as we can now do with the Garmin GTN650/750 GPS navigators.

IBANEZ IBANEZ 8 September 2019 10:55




I dont know bacause the EV4 crew give at waypoint manage system developement more importance.


For LSAand ULM flyers (there are a lot in USA and EUrope) this is a main question for do the FP. We need litle reference points. I ussually found it in GoogleHearth and I put the coordinates and create a new WP.


Actually in EV3 I have a 300 user WP´s beetwen Spain and France in an extense KLM file for export. It´s a hard job in a lot of years, but in EV4 I must create MANUALLY this list forevery FP.


Best regards.



Tim Peter 9 September 2019 13:24


Hi Xavi,

Welcome to the forum. Thank you for the contextual information on how you use user waypoints. We will take it into account in the design.





I occasionally fly RNAV instrument approaches - for training under VFR of course.

In addition it is a good backup in case the weather changes drastically.

Conversions of data packs and manual entry are very error prone and lengthy.

I wouldappreciate some "mechanics" to avoid this.

Please include the height of a waypoint somehow to have the autopilot do most of the work from the final approach point to the runway.




User waypoints are mostly implemented now (version 4.0.730)


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